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Tricycle Association Clothing

Tricycle Association Clothing

TA Cycle Clothing

I am putting another clothing order together. Information is available in the attached documents. Orders please by 31st May 2017. If you have any questions please get in touch with me direct.

Alison Purser

Tricycle Association Clothing from Impsport

Word: Impsport Clothing e 2017

PDF: Impsport Clothing e 2017

Alison Purser


Current Stock available;

Short-sleeved Road Jerseys (1L, 1XL) £42.00 each + P&P

Please contact the Treasurer to check availability before ordering.

Other items can be ordered as one-off but a bulk order will be organised next May which should secure a small discount.



Tricycle Association Merchandise

The following are also available from Alison:




Stock Items available from the Treasurer

Items marked * please add 75p P&P (only one payment required for multiple items), other items please send an SAE.


TA Tie * £4.50
Metal Badge * £1.50
Cloth Badge (New Stock) * £2.30
Decal £0.50
Car Sticker £1.00
“Tricycle Treats” by Johnny Helms * £2.00


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