About Us

The Tricycle Association was formed in 1928 and is a national organisation for members interested in lightweight sports tricycles.

As well as social occasions and rides our members compete in various cycle sporting events.

Tricyclists form a unique community within the cycling world – a group of friends with a keen interest in the past, present and future of the tricycle and tricycle riding.

Riding a tricycle is very engaging and often includes smiles.

Our executive committee manages the association and members affiliate to one of seven british regions who organise our social and racing programmes.

The Tricycle Association Gazette is published quarterly, free to members, it keeps everyone informed of National and Regional activities and provides interesting reading about tricycles and tricycling.

Sharing knowledge, experience and friendship since 1928.
For the curious
Beginner or expert learn more about tricycling
How to maintain your trike.
Time trial, criterium racing, distance records
Meeting, eating and riding together

Latest Updates

Grass Track Racing at York Rally, June 2024
Grass Track Racing at York Rally, June 2024

Do you intend going to this year’s York Rally?

Would racing round a grass track on your trike appeal?

If so, please e...

Thursday, April 11, 2024
Eastern Hut Weekend 12 to 14 April
Eastern Hut Weekend 12 to 14 April

Please note that this event is now cancelled

Thursday, April 11, 2024