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19:03 Update

Adrian was very pleased to shake hands out of the van window with Ian Matthews in Bridgewater. Unfortunately he missed Jane as she is half an hour up on schedule. A rough, subject to confirmation distance for Jane’s 12 hour is 163 miles. Should establish South West RRA record. Just south of Bristol now and more food being taken on. Trying to work out finishing point for the Land’s End to Bristol record. Mark’s car won’t be finished until midday tomorrow and then he will rejoin us. In the meantime it will be Peter (Faulks) and Adrian (Hills) sharing the van driving. Trying to work out logistics so that Martin and Alison (Purser), Alison (Brooking), Hedley (Stennett), Peter and Adrian can get some rest as it was a 6am start. Jane will pedal all night. Adrian

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