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* Had a surprise when I visited Norwich’s flashy new Chapelfield shopping mall last week. Featured in the vast chain-bookshop “Borders” was a book whose cover boasted “by Harry Andrews, Trainer to Montague A Holbein, Frank Shorland……..”

In this glossy setting I was staggered, as these were famous figures of record breaking in the 1890s. London to York (paced) in 13hours 19minutes on tandem trike in 1892 for instance.

The book proves to be a new Bloomsbury reprint of a book on Training originally written in 1903.
Wonderfully direct and down to earth in style.

Some things timeless – The Cyclist’s Training:….”just after Christmas…long rides at half speed…..April..short fast work should follow.- say a ride of two or three miles with about two very fast 250 yard bursts…..before races “nurse up”….
Other advice very much of it’s time “A use of strychnine, which is under certain circumstances wise, is discussed under the chapter on Worry”

And some quite tempting CHAMPAGNE the BEST STIMULANT says a heading. “About twenty-five minutes before the finish, half a sponge cake soaked in champagne, followed five minutes later by a third of a tumblerful of the wine, will I consider, enable a man to get every ounce out of himself, as the sporting phrase has it” Hummm….now where would 25 mins before the finish of the Fliss Beard 100 be?

* Over Christmas I saw a friend who is in contact with H K James, now living in Grantham, who was part of the Crouch Hill team which broke the 12 hour trike team Competition Record in 1960 with 664 miles. Another member of that team was Ken Usher from Crowland who is still beating us all – current holder of the S F Edge & Fliss Beard trophies.

* During that day with the Dagworth & District Gentleman’s Cycling Society last Sunday I saw in the National Cycling Archive newsletter a piece about the newly unveiled statue of composer Elgar standing by his magnificent Sunbeam roadster . It’s next to Hereford Cathedral. Unveiled in September 2005 All in bronze. Hope I can see it before it is vandalized. Elgar was a keen cyclist, but it is said that he was forced to give up when he found the increase in motor traffic intolerable – in 1911.

Best Wishes to you all

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