To TA East Members & Friends

Now, what has been happening recently?
We met at Guestingthorpe “Pheasant” in mid August. Captain Oates was squire of Guestingthorpe – the one who walked out into the Antarctic storm when he realised he was hampering his companions chances of getting back from the South Pole alive.
We had one-and –half Thompson trikes present – the half because Dave Huffey’s has an Ephgrave front end . Alan Nye pulled his Thompson out of the dickey of his open Triumph. Then stepped out of his overalls to reveal Viking RC cycling kit underneath. He bought along a photo of what I guess must have been the TA London East trike four-up team in action, 198… something , I guess. May bring back memories for some.

I only have limited news of Mildenhall Rally, but I gather the trike run to Risby was well supported, that there was a breakfast ride to Red Lodge and that there was another, impromptu ride to Weeting for Gerry Moore’s exhibition of locally built bicycles, Patterson prints and cycling erotica (!).
The tricycle grass-track race was cancelled – it was scheduled to be at the end of Sunday’s track programme. This ran very late, and, I believe, reasons for cancelling the trike race included the unfairness of running a criterium league counting event after some contenders needed to head for home and looming events of the evening programme. Sympathy is due to any who made a special trip for the race.
Anyway the TA bounced back to win the evening quiz, beating 22 other teams, I’m told.

The 12 hour saw a couple of very good trike rides – a staggering 244 miles from Ralph Dadswell and 203 – 6 more than last year from Peter Holland, who., incidentally, we welcome as a new East Region member – having transferred from NE.

Pete arrived for the EAST SUMMER 25 with a two wheeled trike, having left the front one at home, but his new region’s members rose to the occasion and Bugbear (Paul Womack) pedalled home and found him one to fit. Peter Hopkins mastered the difficult cambers of the Bressingham – Thetford course to win in 1-14:19. Peter (Hopkins, that is) has a good excuse for missing the AGM – Sept 3rd is the day of his club (the Icknield RC) 12 hour and he’s involved both in the organisation and with getting helpers for Dave Keene’s bid to better Ralph Dadswell’s 255.88 Competition Record.
After the 25 it was off to Thelnetham White Horse – where most of the customers were on bikes – and 5 members went on to the tour of the Thelnetham Vineyard.

Looking to the future, my diary includes the new Warwick trike criterium on 17th September and a TA East lunchtime meet at Naughton on Sunday 1st October Before all that, I hope to see as many of you as possible at the 50 and East AGM this Sunday, 3rd September.

Ferg Muir


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