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To TA East Members & Friends
This will have to be a quick one, but I have delayed too long already, so
will get it off .

In response to the last TA East News, Adrian Hills sent me this about
Jill – the victim of the accident in the Jenny Noad 10 :

“Jill has now been transferred to Stanmore and I am currently sleeping in
the van nearby while I sort some kind of accommodation. She came out of
Selly Oak with two bedsores which have to be attended to.
Stanmore is very specialised and I am all glad that she is finally getting
the correct level and type of healthcare. We have yet to be officially told
how long she is expected to be here – a friend, also in a chair (for past 24
years) thinks we may be out of here as soon as April !! These estimates are
obviously subject to many factors.
Ferg, please can you pass this around to any members interested.”

I’ll see if I can get an update on this soon.

I’m pleased to report that ALBERT & MARGARET SAUNDERS were able to be at the
CC Breckland dinner last Saturday.

There were some responses to the enquiry about the Holdsworth stub axle, but
I don’t think anyone has quite explained the inner bearing on this
example… The HOLDSWORTH SINGLE CHAINSTAY trikes, Pete Holland knew about –
a few built in early 50s – actual framebuilder Bill Hurlow, whom Pete has
talked to.
I see now there is a brief biography of this framebuilder on the Classic
Lightweights website at

Our FRAMLINGHAM STATION meet. went well – eight of us there, I think. Nice
to see Ken Saunders – from Halesworth, best known to me as a tandem trike
rider, but on a solo on this occasion

Ferg Muir

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