To TA East Members & Friends

Following the last TA East News I have indeed got an update on JILL COLE, so
I hasten to pass on this e-mail from Adrian, dated 22nd November:

“I’m finally in a flat 4 miles from Stanmore.
Jill is still unfortunately laying on her back as her bed sore is taking
time to heal. Fortunately it should be cleared soon. The physio on her
right arm and hand is progressing well so she should be able to push a chair
along when she gets into one. Jill’s attitude is very steadfast – a very
strong woman.
Thanks for your concern Ferg and please pass on to all TA friends
Cheers Adrian
ps. I/We must come to the TAE annual lunch, when is it?”

Which is the perfect cue to tell you all that the TA EAST LUNCH will
be on
SUNDAY 4TH FEBRUARY 2007 at our regular
venue THE MANGER, BRADFIELD COMBUST. Geoff Morse has been visiting and
discussing with the landlady and has been able to keep the price at an
amazing £10 only, which is a remarkable bargain for such a good venue. So
please give Geoff a ring on
01787 375983 and book in yourself and your guests.

The Social Season must be already underway, as I’ve received a photo of Mr
Peter Hopkins watching Eric Vanderaerden purportedly filling up a TA
membership form at the Dave Rayner dinner. Mr Martin Purser also involved,
so not quite sure how to take this.
( For those unfamiliar , Eric Vanderaerden is a former Tour de France
competitor famous for his sprint; the Dave Rayner dinner raises cash to
support budding British roadmen starting to race on the continent)

In the late 1960s the TA East Lunch was held at the WHITE LION, HADLEIGH
which was a memorable place as inside it was clear it had been a galleried
inn – that’s to say it had a courtyard in the middle with a gallery around
it joining the upstairs rooms. We ate around a single long table in a long
narrow upstairs room facing Hadleigh High Street, and to get to the gents
you had to walk along the gallery.
The inn was closed long ago and until recently it was hard to work out which
building it was. But not any more. No, sadly it has not re-opened, but as
part of a conversion into flats the building now has “WHITE LION HOTEL” in
giant black letters across the façade. One of the flats is to let and there
are photos on the estate agents website
http://www.frostandpartners.co.uk/letsearch.htm though I don’t know if they
show anything interesting as they were more than my old computer could cope
Norwich TA members had some epic rides down to Hadleigh for the lunch – it
was 100 mile round trip, usually got dark soon after we left and sometimes
involved a stop at Scole Inn on the way back.

Ferg Muir


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