TA EAST NEWS 16 JULY 2008 VOL II (& Corrections)

To TA East Members & Friends

First, Sorry about PILL MILL in this morning’s rushed TA East News – I needed to get it out in time for people to catch the post with entries. I meant PIN MILL –The Butt & Oyster that’s the pub by the Orwell estuary. Grid ref is TM205380. Turn north from the B1456 at Chelmondiston.

Again, that is this Friday 18th July. 7pm onwards

More News and Reflections


There was some talk about this Holdsworth conversion last month when it was sold on Ebay.

It turns out that the purchaser was our member Bill Hutchinson’s son and it has been passed on to Bill and is now in Swaffham receiving some care and attention.

Martin Purser has come up with some photos of Booty riding it

If anyone has any more information on its history, Bill would be interested to hear: billnrilla@aol.com


I know Martin B and Ray Legg have been racing on the tandem trike a bit recently – a 1-15 in the Wolsey 25 last Sunday, for instance.

With the help of Merv Player and Eddie Fone I have tracked down the list of VTTA East Anglian Group records: They are at


With only one tandem trike record established there is plenty of scope. Perhaps some people have never claimed or were not members of the VTTA.

There appears to be a second separate VTTA EA “Micro-site” atwww.vtta.org.uk/newsite/AboutUsGroupsEastAnglia.htm.

The NATIONAL TANDEM (INC TRIKE) AGE RECORDS are at www.vtta.org.uk/newsite/RecordsTandem.htm

Wouldn’t be surprised if I (Ferg) get in a muddle trying to understand/explain these – Any advice and correction welcome.

A year exactly on from Chris Willmett’s accident on the tandem, sorry to hear that she is still suffering and racing is out of the question. Our best wishes go to Chris, particularly heartfelt from me, because this was, like mine, a “no bones broken, “just” soft tissue damage” accident.

You may remember Chris and Charles were on the A14, on tandem bike, crossing the trailing junction where the A142 feeds in, when they were hit by a vehicle joining the A14.

I do have my doubts about the safety of racing across this type of junction, – but that’s not to say that I might not risk it in search of a satisfying time.


Looking a bit further ahead, after the 25 on Sunday 27th, we have the East 12 Hour on Sunday 3rd August, based at Scoulton Village Hall near Watton. From the spectator’s point of view most of the activity at Scoulton will be between 5pm and 7pm, as riders finish.

Then on the evening of Wednesday 6th August :Evening meet at North Tuddenham Lodge Inn (Pie night), following CC Breckland club 10. Grid ref TG 047140, on the old main Norwich road, 4 miles east of Dereham.

The idea here stems partly from the Ipswich CA evening “10”s which are all based at inns or licenced clubs and regularly attract 30 or more riders. Combined with our own evening meets, such as at Pin Mill. The CC Breckland run the 10 – to ride this come along at about 6.45. We will head for the pub 7.45 – 8pm ish.

Sun 10th August

Bury St Edmunds grass track meeting (Tricycle League) Hardwick Middle School. Elevenses Meet beforehand. Promoted by West Suffolk Wheelers, entry £12; £15 on day, + £5 Day Licence for non-BC members. Barry Denny 01284 386409.

If the weather is good this is a very sociable occasion, as well as one for the racers. Picnic chairs along the finishing straight.


Ferg Muir


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