To TA East Members & Friends

It is the TA EAST SUMMER 25 on SUNDAY ( 27th ) and there is a change of plan to one mentioned in the Summer Gazette (which may drop through letterboxes any day now).

After the 25 Martin Badham was hoping to take members on a visit to the Grain Brewery, but it turns out the proprietor can’t make it that day, so there is a change of plan.


There will be a non-alcoholic lunch meet at a new and very high quality organic cafe – Waveney Farm Shop Wortwell (A143/B1062 junction.)

This is a couple of miles NE of Harleston, on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. Grid ref TM 280858

So there will be a run of about 15 miles, starting from Bressingham Village Hall after the 25.

If there is popular support for the idea, Martin could be persuaded to show you Burston Strike School en route.

(I will be away at the Mersey 24 hour,- for more details Martin’s phone no is 01603 897738)

I had hoped to be seeing our member Ken Usher riding the 24. He was entered, and particularly hoping to ride as it is 50 years on from his first “24” However he tells me that he has been afflicted with knee trouble through the last several months and won’t be able to start.

Has had to seek help from a sports injury specialist, and is getting better. Still riding about 400 miles per week.

BURY GRASS TRACK –Sun August 11th

John Purser tells me that he would have space for tents or caravans for the Bury grass track weekend, but emphasises that people interested should give him and his wife plenty of warning – anyone interested should ring – 01787 377060. He is about 12 miles from Bury.

On the way to Pin Mill I called in at Bury and found that Alwyne House tea garden where we used to have elevenses is definitely closed.

So sad, but those of us who have been there must be grateful for having once sat and eaten under its ancient walls in the grounds of the once famous abbey.

Still, I have settled on an excellent alternative – ELEVENSES will be in the Cathedral Refectory, on another side of the spectacular Abbey Gardens. The obvious landmark is the pristine stone of the ravishingly beautiful new, gothic, cathedral tower. It is so new it is still having the finishing touches added. Head for that, then look for signs to the refectory, which is near the east end of the cathedral. Time – 10:30 ….ish onwards on Sun 11th (Those racing usually have to sign on by noon).

We had an excellent meet at PIN MILL. Sorry again for the short notice. There were, I think, nine people there.

One of them was Brian Johnson our former 100 mile champion. Although he has had 2 months in hospital as a result of his most recent heart attack, he was really in very good form. Saying he was so glad to be back at work – he’s a builder. Brian is only 73 or thereabouts.

Brian come from Frinton, the famously genteel seaside resort nearby – Which puts me in mind of a couple of recent news items:-

Here is The Observer” Sunday July 13 2008

“For 113 years golfers have marched across the fairways of the Frinton Golf Club with their legs modestly covered by long socks – but not for much longer. The committee of the club, based in one of England’s most traditional seaside towns, has decided to relax its oldest rule and allow men to show off their legs for the first time. The decision to drop the requirement has divided opinion among the club’s 600 members. ‘Not everybody’s happy,’ said Nick Sams, a club professional. ‘It’s a very traditional club.’ Sams said the ruling had been made following the club’s annual general meeting. It was in response to a growing number of junior members and visiting teams who objected to the traditional knee-length “

AND here, just a few days later is Joolze Dymond on the BC website, reporting the latest fashion to reach youth mountain bike racing:

Once again the compression socks provided much entertainment as well as some awesome racing. However an awful start saw Gardner left virtually on the line as Matt Barrett and Luke Moseley…………………..Gardner finally got in contention by the second lap and launched his attack opening up a slim gap, which he kept until the end of the 4th lap earning him and his socks a second National jersey.

– illustrated by a photo of the young man’s legs, complete with — white knee-length socks.


One more event in Suffolk might be worth mentioning:

The Human Powered Vehicle Association’s World Championships, no less, are being held at Bentwaters – the former RAF & USAF air base near Woodbridge. On 16th/17th August.

There is a website : www.wc2008.org.uk/default.aspx 

The HPV people don’t have a class they call tricycles – their phrase is Multitrack. Not necessarily just 3 wheels, of course.

Nothing, it seems to me, characterizes their Innovative, Lateral Thinking, style more than their rule on helmets:


All riders must wear (on the head) a helmet approved by…………..”

Finally, to end on a more serious note:

As will be notified in the forthcoming Summer Gazette, the East Regional AGM will be on Sunday 7th September. It will follow the East 50 at Morley Village Hall, Golf Links Road, Grid ref TM 074977, anticipated start time around noon. Morley is between Attleborough and Wymondham

Remember that Geoff Morse is retiring after his long stint as our Regional Secretary. We must find someone to succeed him.

Please think about it

Ferg Muir


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