To TA East Members & Friends

Firstly this is to prompt as many of you as possible to join in this Saturday (8th Nov) when we have a Lunchtime meet at BADWELL ASH, White Horse

“Elevenses” will be a bit earlier than the word suggests – 10am at the Museum of East Anglian Life, Stowmarket (NB cafe open, museum closed)

We will leave around 10.45 for a trundle around, or through, if you wish, some fords.

The second of these fords, at Gt Ashfield, has two tragic aspects. Firstly in that is the setting for a war memorial to airman killed while based at a nearby WW2 airfield and then for what happened later.

As a gravel ford it was a magical spot, made more so by the water lapping at the foot o the poignant memorial.

But then the ford was concreted, which might have been done well, but in fact used slabs in a very unhappy way.

I wonder if any of you might have a photograph dating from before the concreting?

Anyway, come along and see what you think.

From Great Ashfield we will go on to the White Horse at Badwell Ash

I have also just spoken to the White Horse (got a reply in human language, fortunately). Lunchtime menu is snacks – jacket potatoes, sausage egg & chips, toasties etc.

This is a slight surprise, but we will stick with it. It is a result of just taking a pub out of the Good Beer Guide. But I don’t regret this – at the East AGM it was pointed out that if the (Captain’s) job is done with too much thoroughness – eg checking out every venue in advance – I will never find a successor, which wouldn’t really be good for the long-term future of the Region.

The GBG describes the White Horse as a “16th century village free house” and it is right in the heartland of our East membership distribution map, so I do hope to see many of you there.

As trains are replaced by buses between Norwich & Ipswich that day, I will have to come on my Brompton folding bike.

So perhaps this might encourage one or two more of you to realise that all are welcome to attend even if their trike is out of action, or they haven’t bought it yet or it always was just a dream, or whatever.

More details of exact venues at the bottom of this newsletter.

IN October we had a good meet at MALDON. For an account of the day and some photos see the pages EAST NEWS of the TA Website The following will take you straight there:


To keep an eye on these pages, starting from the TA Website Home page, I think the sequence is:



East News….or East Gallery

Checking this out I am reminded just what good things there are to be seen there.

Contributions are always needed –send to the TA Webmaster martin.badham@talktalk.net

On the TA homepage you may have seen the sad news that Bob Darbyshire, former Warden of Carlisle YHA and TA national treasurer for 15 years, has died, prompting me to remember


It was August Bank Holiday 1981.

In those days the Bruce Kingsford 50 was peripatetic, it moved around the Regions. That year Mick Swales organised it at Scole on the Bank Holiday Monday. A group from the North West Region including Bob made a weekend of it. On the Sunday they and I joined in the Diss CC clubrun. I remember Alan Rogerson being impressed that this was a relaxed family affair with riders from about age 13 upwards.

“Typical Diss run via Mellis and Haughley. Talked to Bob Darbyshire about buildings” says my diary.

Stopping at a road junction with a semi-derelict clay-lump building on the corner, I was showing Bob how it was constructed of big blocks of dried clay, protected by tar, and he was taking photographs.

We followed the clubrun, but somehow took a different turning. This didn’t seem to matter much as the lunch place was specified as Tostock, and I was realising that Bob had been reading up on the features of the area and had in mind that he would like to see one of the great East Anglian churches. Woolpit was nearby, so we went there and had a good look round the church and the timber buildings of the market place and then went on to Tostock.

Unfortunately we discovered the clubrun had had a quick drink and moved on, I think because the pub was unexpectedly not doing food.

So we were on our own.

However, we had discovered a common interest and Bob knew some other places he would like to visit – including East Harling Church. In particular the carved wood misericords, (Hmm…Word spellcheck doesn’t recognise that – they are sort of tip-up seats which can be set to support a singer standing during a long service)

I think Bob did a bit of wood-carving himself.

East Harling was some way away, in Norfolk across a corner of Breckland forest, but it was just within range.

And we got there and saw the misericords and rolled back across a level south Norfolk and parted company back at Scole.

It had turned out a very enjoyable and memorable day, the gentlemanly, moustached Bob being quiet good company.

Sad really that we never had another day like it – but of course we lived 300 miles apart and there was no internet then.


Now, one might have thought the racing season was over, but no, an email from Mike Smith has just arrived – about his forthcoming DRY TOAST EATING RACE.

He says:

Not sure if there’s a TA East newsletter due to come out shortly, but (totally unconnected with tricycling) my company is organising several events for next weeks BBC Children in Need appeal, and I’ve been picked for an ‘eating dry toast’ race…so it would be appreciated if details could be attached

www.justgiving.com/mikesmith5 is where all the details are to be found, together with a picture of Mike on his motorbike, ( think rigged up for being a M/C marshal in a road race- I guess that’s what the orange light is for)

Now I had better bring this TA EAST NEWS to a rapid close – I meant it to be with you all in the early evening.

Just time to remind you all – and myself – that this weekend is the closing date for placing orders for the new TA CLOTHING

I think this address takes you to the order form:


Or see the pictures on the TA website.


Finally – a few practical details to find us on Saturday:

The Cafe of the Museum of East Anglian Life is signposted from the Market Place in the centre of Stowmarket. Postcode of the museum is IP14 1DL.

Great Ashfield is probably best described as 3 miles north of Elmswell.

Grid ref is 996678.

Badwell Ash is nearby, about 4 miles east of Ixworth GR 990692.

Postcode of the White Horse is IP31 3DP.

Hope to see you on Saturday!

Ferg Muir 01603 615000 fergusmuir@btinternet.com


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