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To Recipients of TA EAST NEWS

Some of you may be interested in The Testing Times – It has something in common with the lamented TA London East fanzine “One Too Many”

Those that are not may be amused by by the following excerpt from “CYCLING WORLD”, the well produced but slightly erratic monthly magazine mainly devoted to touring.
It is from a review by “SD” presumably the editor Stephen Dyster, of a book “ROADIE -The Misunderstood World of the Bike Racer”

“The book does just what it is claimed for it, as far as I can see.
The skill and fitness of racers is admirable, but I still can’t see why they keep riding past perfectly good public houses”

BEST WISHES – and don’t forget the TA EAST LUNCH – Sun 1st Feb, Bradfield Combust £11.50. Organiser Geoff Morse is just back from Arcadia and ready for your bookings on 01787 375983.

Ferg Muir

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