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To TA East Members & Friends


The East will be lunching at BILDESTON KINGS HEAD. This is because the planned venue, the Gardener’s Arms at Combs, is without a chef at the moment.

We will still have morning coffee at Needham Market – at E&V’s tearoom in the High Street. I plan to LEAVE E&Vs about 11am. From there, the back-road route to Bildeston is about 10 miles.

This being a Saturday lunchtime, the Kings Head doesn’t do a full cooked menu, but they do do hot soup and also Huffers – which seems to be the local name for large filled rolls.

When I told our Secretary of the proposed change, he said that he had recently been in the King’s Head and the Landlady was delicious.

When I expressed suitable shock, Geoff explained that Landlady is one of the house bitters brewed on the premises, and that it had been in splendid clear condition.

So. apologies about the change of venue, but our meets at the King’s Head do always seem to go well, and we have the Landlady to look forward to.

For newcomers, I will put full details of how to find us at the bottom of this email.



I have a friend who would like to buy a small trike, with no crossbar, for short journeys to her local market towns.

The lady concerned was a clubrider long ago, and is still a regular marshal at club time trials as well as doing other jobs at cycling events. Now over 70 she has slight after-effects from a stroke that make it not very sensible to drive or try to balance a bike.

She is not very tall, so it would have to be quite a small trike. I guess what is needed is a Plashley or Try-One, or perhaps a conversion which could be attached to a small ladies bicycle frame.

If anyone can come up with any suggestions – please contact me – Ferg – at the address at the end.


We had an excellent EAST LUNCH on 1ST February, with 40 at the meal itself and a dozen also at the Appetizer meet at Lavenham beforehand.

There is an account and photographs on the EAST NEWS pages of the TA Website The following will take you straight there:


Alternatively, from the home page of the TA Website follow the sequence :



East News….or East Gallery


An interesting article on HOLDSWORTH CONVERSION SETS has just appeared on the CLASSIC LIGHTWEIGHTS UK 

The Holdsworth article is at

I do like the way the axle in the headline illustration has a Holdsworth headbadge facing backwards on the vertical brace of the con-set. Not sure if they were ever originally like that, but it certainly would give anyone tucked in behind something to look at.

Details of where we are meeting on Saturday (28th Feb)

Elevenses will be at E & Vs Tearoom, High street, Needham Market – towards the Ipswich end, on the East side.. Maps show car parking at Needham Station in Station Yard and at Needham Lake in Coddenham Road. I intend to LEAVE E&Vs at 11.00am.

Bildeston is on the B1115 Stowmarket to Hadleigh road. The Kings Head is in the middle of the village at 132 High St, IP7 7ED, grid reference: TL 992 495.

I hope to meet you on Saturday!

Ferg Muir

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