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To TA East Members & Friends

I look forward to seeing members tomorrow at the TA East Summer 25 or afterwards at elevenses or at Queen’s Head at Stradbroke at lunchtime.

Full details are at the bottom of this newsletter

Trike entrants in the 25 are Adrian Perkin, (off 7.31am) Fergus Muir, Martin Badham, and Mark Ready.


Congratulations to Roy Prockter and Martin Badham on successfully completing this London to the Suffolk Coast nightride on their trikes..

I won’t duplicate Martin’s account on the TA Website (find it under the heading “Two Trikes to the Seaside”), but can add a few snippets. For instance, before the start in London Fields, a reporter from The Guardian was asking about Roy’s trike – which is notable for a lot of added features. Roy missed meeting him because he was in the queue for beer at the pub.

Dunwich is a bit of a remote spot and while the London riders have coaches and lorries – for the bikes – to get them back, Martin & Roy didn’t have that option and rode home.

For Martin there was a tailwind to waft him back to his home village north of Norwich, but for Roy the long ride to his home near Clacton was mostly into the wind. He sheltered from the “worst” of the sun in the shade outside a pub in Leiston and finally reached home at 9pm, having covered 283 km (176 miles).

The Guardian reporters account can be read at: 


After a couple of years of trikes being included in West Suffolk Wheeler’s meeting at Bury St Edmunds, we have now been invited to take part in the Plomesgate CC’s meet at BREDFIELD near Woodbridge the previous day.

The dates this year are Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th August.

Pete Whelan of the Plomesgate has kindly arranged for it to be possible for us to camp on the Bredfield Village Hall course after the event. Toilets – with just a handbasin – will be accessible during the night, I believe. Pete Whelan 01394 385281 is our contact here.

Next morning we will move over to Bury St Edmunds for an 11am start at The Priory School – a different venue from previous years. The Priory School is at the bottom of Mount Road , postcode IP32 7BH. Barry Denny is the organiser 01284 386 409.


Both Bredfield and Bury are in beautiful parts of Suffolk, so these events offer the prospect of a glorious summer weekend.

Local trike conversion on Ebay

A seller at Bungay has a trike conversion going on Ebay at the moment. Described as a Holdsworth, it looks like a Rogers or Higgins to me. Clearly needs a great deal of attention, but could be interesting. There is also a Freddie Grubb at Chelmsford, but bidding finishes this evening.

The following address may be worth saving, as it takes you to the constantly updated pages of tricycles for sale on Ebay. Most are far from lightweights, but usually, when I remember to check, there is at least one that might be interesting.

The Google Trike

If you are interested in unusual working tricycles, have a look at this.

The CTC Newsnet drew attention to the trike which is pedalled round city centres taking street photos for them

Watch this video to see the trike in action.

If wonder what sort of photos it takes, copy and paste this rather lengthy address 1.267612&sspn=0.006279 0.019226&ie=UTF8&ll=52.62982 1.292717&spn=0.006278 0.019226&t=h&z=16&iwloc=addr&layer=c&cbll=52.6298 1.292945&panoid=ZHzGI6tdD7lOholYPZ7F7A&cbp=12 187.67313912015655 0 5

Wait a moment and the aerial photo of Norwich city centre fades and into focus comes a street view of the East captain pedalling his workhorse 1955 BSA bike over the cobbles. Must have been taken about a year ago – I soon replaced that silvery back mudguard.

I don’t remember seeing any camera on a trike, or anything unusual. The picture was spotted by a former work colleague

The roadster bike, incidentally, came from a collection owned by Mick Pepper of the Wolsey Road Club – new hosts for the TA East Summer 25. I hasten to say that he knew the machine was going back to work! Anyway he has other similar machines from the same era, and earlier, in his collection, which he is gradually dispersing. If anyone is interested in buying one, I can put you in touch.

Details of tomorrows post 25 social meet:

There will be a coffee stop at at Waveney Farm Shop Cafe. High Road Wortwell IP20 0HG. Grid Ref TM281858.

Because of the timing of the event, this will be rather earlier than usual – I think we may LEAVE by 10.45am.

We will ride (or drive) to a LUNCHTIME meet at the QUEEN’S HEAD, STRADBROKE.

The Queen’s Head is in Queen Street which is the B1118 leading north out of the village, on the left as you head north.

Best wishes to you all

Ferg Muir 

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