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To TA East Members & Friends

It is only just over two weeks to the


So please consider putting entries in, or making plans to come to Suffolk on the Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th August.

For those who don’t intend to race, these are very English events, for which a picnic and something to sit on are handy accoutrement’s. If conversation flags, the racing is good to watch – you can see the competitors all the way round the track.

Entries for the PLOMESGATE CC meet at Bredfield near Woodbridge on Saturday are £12 (To “Plomesgate CC”)and go to

Evert Wijnberg
2 White Lodge Gardens
Windrush Road
Ipswich IP5 2 NQ

For the West Suffolk Wheelers meet at Priory School, Bury St Edmunds on Sunday 9th (11am), advance entry is £11 (cheques to “West Suffolk Wheelers”) and go to our friend

Barry Denny
Little Whelnetham

Grass entry forms can be found on the TA Website..

If you have always intended to look at the spectacular museum at the site of the SUTTON HOO SHIP BURIAL, this is only a few miles from Bredfield .

There are more details of the Grass Meets at the end of this newsletter.

It was all happening at the start of the TA EAST SUMMER 25.

I arrived in Wortwell , rather late after a long, wet ride from Norwich, to find myself being asked to take a number to the start for Adrian Perkin. As first man off he had taken number one, but was actually no 2. When I arrived he was nearly at the moment of the “off” so it was deemed best to leave things as they were, a minute later I had a struggle to get under way at all – definitely in a good gear for sprinting to the start, but not for pulling away uphill.

Shortly afterwards Martin Badham left the line with an awful noise from his block. There were rude comments about getting it in gear, but he sensed it wasn’t that and stopped after a few hundred yards but could not find anything obvious and continued to finish in a handicap-winning time of 1:21:49.

Next, and last up, was scratch man Mark Ready, currently the power behind my rear-engined tandem trike. This was Mark’s long-awaited first outing on his own, very thoroughly renovated, solo trike, all ready to enter the solo TA world with a bang.

Well, when it came, the bang was loud enough to startle the finish officials who were hunting for paint marks some way up the road.

Even now it is not clear if Mark was DNS or DNF, but we are only talking about inches and seconds. He had gone home by the time I reached the finish – in 1:31, I’m afraid – but when I rang to commiserate I gathered it the bang came from a back tyre, but not much more detail. But I do know he is inclined to put an extra 30 or so psi in the tandem tyres before starts.

After that the race was pretty straightforward. The rain stopped and Perkin won in 1:11:27.

Indeed the weather steadily improved and by the time we arrived at the Waveney Farm Shop for the elevenses meet it was sunny and we sat outside. Afterwards five of us rode along the Waveney Valley to Weybread Lakes and towards Syleham. It was when we climbed up into High Suffolk here that Martin’s pedals started going round without the drive-wheel following suit. It was OK on the flat, so we made it to lunch at Stradbroke, but eventually the Moody’s had to help out with a lift and with Martin starting London-Edinburgh- London just two weeks later there was soon an emergency call to Geoff Booker at Trykit.

Now, I’m going to have to leave the story there and get some sleep, before setting off to (watch the) Mersey “24”, but finally:

A quick re-cap on some details of the grass track meets:

Pete Whelan of the Plomesgate has kindly arranged for it to be possible for us to camp on the Bredfield Village Hall course after the event. Toilets – with just a handbasin – will be accessible during the night, I believe. Pete Whelan 01394 385281 is our contact here.

Next morning we will move over to Bury St Edmunds for an 11am start at The Priory School – a different venue from previous years. The Priory School is at the bottom of Mount Road , postcode IP32 7BH. Barry Denny is the organiser 01284 386 409.


Ferg Muir 

Webmaster’s note
Final blow of the fate fairy – Martin Badham finished preparation for the LEL on Wednesday and went, with ex-works colleagues for a cycling meal. During his return he fratenised a little too closely with the kerb of a “pinch-point” bruising a rib or two, not to mention the two punctures and wrecked front rim. He doesn’t feel up to the 1400 km ride, and will be helping out by supplying sandwiches to the participants. Apologies for failing the TA flag due to riding a bicycle at the time.

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