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TA EAST NEWS 14TH September 2009

To TA East Members & Friends

First, a message for East Region members only – do please come to the East AGM this coming Sunday, 20th September at Morley Village Hall, after the East 50.

The official notice is on page 53 of the Summer TA Gazette.

With 5 trikes and 60-odd bikes, it is thought the 50 will be all over in time for us to start around 11.30am.

The AGM is at Morley Village Hall, Golf Links Road, Grid ref TM 07497.

Morley is between Attleborough and Wymondham.

Golf Links Road is a turning off the old A11, which here runs parallel to and just north of the A11 dual carriageway. The north end of Golf Links Road leads towards Morley St Botolph and the Buck Inn. The extensive buildings of Wymondham College are also on Golf Links Road, so you will not go far wrong if you follow signs to the school.

There will be lots to settle. I do hope to see you there.

Now a rather concerned appeal : Has anyone –in any region- heard anything in the last couple of months of Paul Willsher?

Paul lives in Leiston, is a member of the Plomesgate CC and was active in TA affairs in the spring..

Shortly after the 2009 East AGM he volunteered to take over as Regional Secretary this September from Geoff Morse who is retiring after serving us for a long period and that matter seemed settled.

Paul wrote an account of his End-to-End adventure in his club’s newsletter in the summer, but we are gradually realising that no one has heard from him recently. He has not responded to phone calls or emails.

What is particularly worrying is that I have learnt that he was due to act as timekeeper in some of his club’s evening events, and, as I understand it, did not appear.

You will see that we will have plenty to think about at the East AGM.

Incidentally, my enquiries about the 2010 Fliss Beard 100 reveal that that previous plans to run it in the NE are no longer going forward.

Congratulations to David Biggs of the Chelmer CC who was fastest East member in the Stan Spelling 25 in 1:20:52 and to Adrian Perkin (Godric CC) whose 27:34 was best East time in the Jenny Noad 10. Full results are now on the CTT Website.

Congratulations too are due to our regional chairman Martin Badham who recently was
wined and dined by the Blood Transfusion Service in celebration of donating 75 pints of blood over the years.

I was going to say that you can see that our somewhat accident-prone chairman “Believes in Giving Something Back” Indeed I know he does, but I actually discover that he has never, so far, needed to receive a blood transfusion, touch wood.



This is the name of the excellent website describing over 1800 fords in Britain.

You can now see a tricycle in one of the photos.

Put the following into an address box and look at the entry for Brockton and my Higgins can be seen standing by a ford across a headwater of the River Kemp.

This was taken on a trip to Bishops Castle early last spring – with Paul Willsher, as it happens. Paul was occupied modifying his trike with the help of our host, so I seized the opportunity to go and look at this ford, for which I knew the website had no photo.

The best known ford in Brockton is right in the village, attractively set with a chapel overlooking it. Just east of the village a track crosses two fords, about 200 yards apart.

Downstream of the fords in an area of coppice, were various sluices controlling where the water went. Not sure if these were related to ornamental lakes in Walcot Park or if there had once been a system of watermeadows there. Looking at maps, both seemed possible. Altogether an interesting spot.

Best wishes to you all, and East members – Please remember the AGM

Ferg Muir

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