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To TA East Members & Friends

Elevenses before our Essex meet tomorrow (Sat 5th Dec)

Thank-you to several members who have come up with suggestions.

The upshot is that I intend to have my elevenses at the cafe of Writtle Agricultural College, and I will be pleased if any others would like to join me. I hope to get there vaguely around 10.30 and leave by 11.15.

The cafe, which doubles as a shop where the college sells plants etc, is signposted, I am told, from the road that goes north from Writtle village centre, towards the A1060. It sounds as if you have to follow the direction indicated into the beginnings of the college grounds. The college postcode is CM1 3RR and the grid ref is something like TL677070 .

I’m told that there is a good free car park in Writtle Village centre.

If the weather stays at it is forecast just now, it looks as if we may find a decent spell in between periods of rain, in which case a pleasant route can be followed to The Viper. If we are unlucky, then the direct route is about 5 miles.


Talking of the weather, there was some incredulity at a recent cycling event at the weather forecast for “Organised Showers”.

It seemed a good excuse to contact our former chairman and retired meteorologist Gerry Lewis.

“We are both well” he says, in his reply from France. Here is his explanation:

SHOWERS – generally these seem fairly random in nature as one would expect, as they occur in an unstable airmass and are formed by convection – local heating (thermals), or orographically (forced uplift).

Of course showers can’t organize themselves, however when there is a well marked trough that extends through the atmosphere this creates rising air just ahead of the trough, very similar to a front. This forms a line of showers, hence – more organized showers, or a line of rain with embedded showers – hence showery type rain! ( the rain varies markedly in intensity and may even stop at times).


A couple of bits of news about Dick and Gladys Knight of Hessett.

This from Andrew Pattle:

“While I was out on the trike on Thursday, I met Dick and Gladys Knight
coming the other way of their tandem trike. It was good to see that
they are still riding because they’ve both had health problems recently.
Dick said they don’t ride very far these days – there is a 3-mile loop
they can do and they can extend that into a longer ride if they’re
feeling up to it.”

And Jan Roberts tells me that Dick has purchased the Longstaff ladies frame, advertised here recently

“Hopefully the ladies frame will allow Dick to get out more”. Jan says.


Looking forward to meeting members and friends tomorrow

Ferg Muir 01603 615000

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