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To TA East Members & Friends

From Ferg Muir

First a date correction

The TA CRITERIUM CHAMPIONSHIP AT ILTON is on SATURDAY 19th JUNE (not July as I managed to say in the last TA East News). (and York Rally is 19/20 June, too)

Next – please do come to our clubrun & SOCIAL MEET at STRADBROKE QUEENS HEAD this Sunday, following the East 25.

I have spoken to Elaine the welcoming landlady of the Queen’s Head and the upshot is that it isn’t any longer necessary to book, but I have had to estimate numbers, so please DO COME, or it could be embarrassing for me.

We have in prospect a very attractive route from Wortwell along the Waveney Valley and glimpsing Wingfield Castle across its moat.

See the bottom of this newsletter for the practical details.

The TA EAST 25 on Sunday morning (16th May) has six entries:

No. Name Club Cat Hcp Start
1 John Dupen Godric CC V 07:28 07:01
2 Peter Holland Lincoln Wheelers CC V 11:16 07:02
3 Fergus Muir T.A. (East) V 10:41 07:03
4 Alan Nye T.A. (East) V 33:49 07:04
5 Adrian Perkin Godric CC V 00:00 07:05
6 Martin Badham CC Breckland V 15:56 07:06

I expect the Event Sec, Mike Moody, would be glad of offers of help – contact

Mike Moody, 7 Birch Grove, Elm, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, PE14 0AP

(Tel 01945 861046 or 07854 185881 mob – )

The trikes are followed by bikes in the Wolsey RC 25 & Pat Pepper Memorial 25 starting from 0708 up until 0803. I can forward the full list on request.

This is the course for both events:

Start at green paint mark in Church Lane, Redenhall near junction with A143 and 1/3 mile east of Redenhall RAB. Join A143 with care and PROCEED east to turn at 2nd RAB (Chicken) at junction B1332. Encircle and PROCEED west to Redenhall RAB. Encircle and RETRACE on A143 past START (1st circuit) to 2nd RAB (Chicken). Encircle and RETRACE on A143 to FINISH at Green paint mark 20 metres east of alignment of electricity power poles and 1/10 mile east of START.

Since the last TA East News we have had the Holland’s DUNSTON WEEKEND in Lincolnshire. For me it started with a look at the red-brick Bass Maltings at Sleaford. Eight huge malting buildings, opened around 1900 and closed by 1958. Now mostly unused but apparently in good condition. You enter by a grand gateway, pass by houses that must have been built for key employees, and come up to a checking in building, looking much like a railway ticket office . Opposite are other service buildings, looking a bit like a Roman villa and beyond wire netting fences are the 8 giant Maltings..

After that I went to Silk Willoughby and was soon marshalling at the A15/A52 roundabout with Mike and Nicky Moody. It was sunny & warm, indeed bare arms weather


Richard Parker is, incidentally, a new TA East Member whom we are very pleased to welcome.He is interested in buying a conversion set. Suggestions to me in the first instance*.

In the evening we enjoyed having our own room for a meal in the Royal Oak at Scopwick – there was even a little cross toasting among the 18 odd who were there.

Next morning there was a Pace Judging Competition – I had the opportunity to ride on the back of a tandem trike steered by Pete Holland. As Stoker I found it much more difficult to decide how hard to push than I ever do when I am on the front.

There was a lot more of the weekend after this, but I departed in order to go to the Ixworth Criteriums.

* In this connection Andrew Nye passes on details of a CONVERSION SET MAKER that I had not previously known about – see BIKE CARE’s website at 



The Low Road along the Waveney Valley should be in its early summer glory.

The Queen’s Head looked after us very well last year. It will start after we have cleared up the 25 at Wortwell Community Centre in Tunbeck Road – say around 10 – 10.15am

Wortwell Community Centre is Grid Ref TM 276850. It lies between the old main road and the A143 bypass at Wortwell. The Queen’s Head, is on the B1118 leading north out of Stradbroke.

Hope to see you there!

Ferg Muir 01603 615000

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