To TA East Members & Friends

(From Criterium League Coordinator Ian Matthews)

This year the National TA Criterium Championship will be at the Warwick Town Races on Sunday 5th September. This will also be the final race of 2010 to be counted towards the TA National Criterium League. The closing date is this Saturday (28th). It is an excellent course in the centre of the town with plenty of climbs, descents and corners. There will be many spectators how will cheer you along. That afternoon is well organized and run by Peter Mooney. His telephone is 01788 577581 and email: pjw.mooney@btinternet.com
The entry fee is £10.50

Details and entry form can be found on the event website at
Er – phew…… perhaps it is easier to put “Warwick Cycle Races” into a search engine.

It is sad to be reporting that Pete Barnard who broke tricycle Competition Records at 25, 30 and 50 miles as a member of the Chelmer CC, died earlier this month.
Pete Barnard set the 30 national record at 1:13:35 in 1961, the 25 at 1:1:06 in 1963 and the 50 at 2:4:53 in the same year. The 30 and 50 records stood for 16 and 15 years respectively.
Together with Dick Drury and Peter Wallis he also twice in 1961 improved the trike team comp record at 30 miles.

Pete Barnard was born in 1938 and started club cycling in 1956 with the Haverhill Wheelers. He actually lived in Braintree and around 1960 he joined the Chelmer CC. Later he moved to Sible Hedingham and then to St Ives in Hunts.
In his tricycle racing days he worked at Marconi – many of you will remember that the Marconi factory was a landmark on the fast time trial courses (E71, E72 etc) on the A12 in Essex. His funeral was at the URC church in St Ives and it was clear that he had been an active member and worker for that congregation. Sadly in more recent years he had suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

His cycle racing career was quite short but meteoric. Mary Horsnell of the Chelmer CC suggests that he was perhaps the greatest all-rounder the club has had. She mentions his winning a road race on the Holbrook (Two Rivers) circuit in sleet and achieving 264 miles in a bike 12 hour.

She remembers him nick-named Barny and describes him as serious – ever trying to improve his cycling, but with a dry wit.

I (Ferg Muir) did not know Pete Barnard personally and I owe most of the above to Mary Horsnell. I would be interested to hear of more memories from those who remember Pete, with a view to an obituary for the TA Gazette.

“Lost? No, we were just undecided as to where exactly where we were.”
A well-chosen phrase from an article on carrying a map by David Archer in “Sheetlines” the journal of the Charles Close Society. www.charlesclosesociety.org/ 
David Archer? No, not the farmer in the BBC radio “everyday story of country folk”, but the map dealer and former secretary of the CCS.

Though – allowing myself to be diverted, (without getting lost) – I have learnt that it is the voice of the actor who plays David Archer,Tim Bentinck, Earl of Portland (honest!), that you also hear warning passengers to “Mind the Gap” on the Piccadilly Line.
Not something you are likely to hear while out with your tricycle, I suppose.

However, when I am on my trike, one thing I am rarely without is an Ordnance Survey map. And it is through the Charles Close Society (the club for OS buffs) that I have just learnt that the OS quarter inch (or 1/250,000) map is being discontinued.
What is the world coming to? First the Barts Half Inch ………..
Actually, though I know many cyclists miss Barts maps, they were too vague to find favour with me, but the OS Quarter Inch is another matter. I usually carry a 50.000 map of where I expect to be and a specially cut-down Quarter Inch of East Anglia, with unnecessary bits like the sea scissored off, just in case I stray off the edge of the larger scale map.
Lost? We will be more often, without the OS Quarter-Inch.

Thanks to West Suffolk Wheelers for the following:
Just under two weeks ago a new cafe opened at Bridge Street on the A134 Bury to Sudbury road – where the lanes that run down from either Lavenham or Shimpling cross the A134.
The old pub, the Rose and Crown, has been beautifully converted into a deli and cafe, with an Italian theme.
The owners are very cyclist friendly, and two groups of Wheelers have already paid them a visit – on one occasion phoning them from the Wednesday ride’s starting point, giving them the expected number of riders and ETA (recommended if you want a batch of fresh baked scones! And if there are a lot of riders, courteous too). The food and drinks are great and the place has a really nice atmosphere: friendly staff and lovely surroundings. It can seat loads of people and there are bench tables outside for when the sun’s out.
The location is perfect for arriving by bike: either from the east, down the hill from Lavenham – or west, along the lane from Shimpling.
It’s open every day except Monday – so it’s another welcome addition to the list for Sunday runs.
Contact details: tel 0178 7249 770 email richard@web100.co.uk


Adrian Perkin is floating the idea of a winter bunkhouse weekend for cyclists, perhaps at the Brantham Hall Bunkhouse across the Stour estuary from Manniningtree.

Minimum of 20 bookings required to secure this bunkhouse.
Friday night if enough bookings. Saturday night primarily.
Cost £5 per night (Full payment on booking)
Contact Adrian Perkin 07976 797 290 if you are interested or have an idea along similar lines.

Now, I must get to bed and tomorrow get packed and away to Mildenhall Rally.
Trike racing is on Saturday afternoon. It’s on a more formal basis than usual.
See about 5 items down from the top of the TA Website for more details

Best wishes to you all
Ferg Muir 01603 615000 fergusmuir@btinternet.com


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