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British Cycling’s report of the Warwick Circuit races is, at the time of writing on Wednesday morning, headed up by a evocative video “Warwick Circuit Races”

Wonderful shots of Warwick’s historic buildings, of young riders performing enthusiastically in the rain, Sid Charlton neck & neck with Geoff Booker and (I report with mixed feelings) a long lingering shot of an an ancient chap struggling, head bobbing, off the back of a tricycle race.

The video is by BC’s top reporter/photographer Larry Hickmott and to say it is well put together is an understatement.

To find it, copy and paste the following into an address box–Warwick-Town-Centre-Races-0

Or, for a short while, just go to the British Cycling Homepage at and to “Report: Warwick Town Centre Race.

Click at bottom right of the video to get Full Screen. Length is 2 mins 26 secs for the whole thing, or 1:25 to the end of trike section.

Best wishes
Ferg Muir


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