To TA East Members & Friends
From Ferg Muir


The next East meet will be on FRIDAY 21st JANUARY – A lunchtime meet at THE QUEENS HEAD, MALDON,preceded by coffee at PAPER MILL LOCK, Little Baddow, After lunch we may snatch a quick half at The Blue Boar, Maldon, to check this out for a possible future visit.
Practical details near the end of this newsletter.

Then, as usual on the first Sunday in February we have the
at Bradfield Combust , Sunday 6th February
Bradfield Combust is on the A134, 6 miles south of Bury St Edmunds.
OS Sheet 155. Grid ref TL893574. Postcode IP30 0LW
£12 per person, please contact Geoff Morse,
White House, Heathway, Gt. Waldingfield, Sudbury, Suffolk CO 0TU
Tel: 01787 375983 geoffreymorse@aol.com
Chairman’s Appetiser Run: Meet at ‘Sweetmeats’ café above sweetshop in Water Lane, opposite kitchen door to ‘The Swan’. Approx.10:30 in Lavenham.

I hope as many of you as possible will be with us for the lunch, but if that is not practical, feel free to meet us in Lavenham, or just have a drink at the Manger, if that is all you can manage. On the other hand, if you would like to be in Suffolk for the weekend, here is the website of the B&B next to The Manger: churchfarm-bandb.co.uk/index.html
For those of you who have not been before, there are few places where you can better get the feel of the timber-framed building extravaganza that is Lavenham than “Sweetmeats” – though I think they have now put a bit of carpet so that you can no longer see between the floorboards onto the heads of people walking on the pavement below. I suppose not all their customers are dressed for a February trike ride. (In summer, by the way, the proprietors run an ice-cream tricycle)
As for “The Manger” it is a welcoming and unspoiled inn on the Sudbury- Bury highroad. I’ve recently been reading the published diary of a woodman living in nearby Thorpe Morieux, written in the 1830s and 40s. The writer always seems to refer to “Bradfield Manger” as if, to him, it was the name of the whole village.

Looking further ahead – here is the rest of the Spring Programme:

Thurs February 24th EAST – Coffee: Hollow Trees Farm Shop, Semer.(A1141, IP7 6HX)
Lunch: Lion Needham Market (B1113, IP6 8EH, TM093544)

Sun March 27th EAST 25 0900. HQ Bressingham Village Hall (3 miles west of Diss, OS Sheet 144 Grid ref TM084814).
Clubrun to lunch leaving 11.30ish. Booked pub lunch, expected to be at Redgrave. Tel Ferg Muir 01603 615000.

Sat April 16th EAST – Lunchtime meet at Debenham Angel before Stowmarket Rural 20 time trial

Fri April 29th- Mon 2nd May – Lincoln Weekend – see Pete & Gwyneths’ item on the Activities page of TA Website

(with some notes on a possible new way of cleaning your trike)
Some of you riding to our most recent meet at the Old Cannon Brewery will have noticed me taking photos of braking systems.
This started from an enquiry from Peter Underwood, at the wake following Dick Morris’s funeral. Peter runs the Classic Lightweights website.
One thing has led to another and …….
(1) The TA website has an answer to a new “Frequently Asked Question” (FAQ) about brakes – see:www.rogerc72.sg-host.com/Abouttricycles.html

(2) Peter Underwood’s article is in his Cambridge Lightweight News
31, found at

As a curious aside ….. look at the double picture in Peter’s article captioned:
“Double V-brakes on the left and double side-pull on the right”
Compare the pic of the double v-brakes, with that on the TA FAQ page illustrating “mini v-brakes”
You will see it is the same picture (mine) – except that the double V-brakes are CLEAN in the Classic Lightweights pic, not so on the TA website!
Quite an eye-opener.

Now….Next time I come home with a mud-encrusted tricycle…perhaps, before I put it away I should take a photo and send it to Peter………and then, when I re-open the door of the shed……???

And (3) a third article has come to light at:

which brings me to:
That third article is on a web blog new to me: TRIKES AND (ODD) BIKES

The “Archive” here contains a great deal – a feast of snow pictures and winter riding experiences in the December archive, for instance.

Paul Willsher Several people have enquired about Paul’s welfare. I was pleased that at Christmas he answered his phone and we I had a 15 minute chat. He still seems to be living very quietly, but he has been riding his classic fixed wheel Mercian, if only for a few miles.
Geoff Cobb – a trike-rider from West Suffolk Wheelers history – Known as DUSTER so I was told recently, because in any spare moment during a clubrun he would be cleaning the last speck off his machine.
A Bakers Delivery Tricycle is the eye-catcher for an exhibition of East Anglian Basketry that opened at Norwich Art College today – see

Aythorpe Roding (11thNov) – Tom Fogg set out to meet us from his home near Burnham on Crouch, but after a fright when he was blinded by his cape wrapping itself round his head in the wind he decided that discretion was the better part of valour and returned home. Good news that Tom, and his Rogers , are back on the road after his accident earlier in the year. By the way, Tom tells me that in the past has he worked for both E G Bates and Hobbs of Barbican.

Bury St Edmunds (12th Dec) Those riding from Stowmarket found coffee at the Elm Tree Gallery, amidst an Aladdin’s cave of small arty items in the centre of Woolpit. Tuesday to Saturday a larger alternative in the village is Teacups Tearooms, open 10am to 4pm.

A NIGHT TO REMEMBER. It starts with a Social Dilemma: Just how insistently do you keep telling one of the foremost trike engineers in the region that you think his offside wheel is about to fall off??

It is a snowy Monday night. The Veteran-Cycle Club ride has just left Scole Inn. I have already made a bit of a fool of myself by falling off my trike twice on a disguised-by-snow kerb at the back of the inn. I keep a low profile, riding quietly behind Mick Madgett who is on his Rogers.
“Mick. Your offside wheel’s wobbling ”
“Yeh…I think the axle’s bent, I must look at it sometime”
We carry on through Dickleborough, heading for Rushall
“Its not bent, Mick, its wobbling irregularly, a lot”
Mick keeps going, chatting to Cally.
I’m thinking of Stan Spelling and his last Mersey 24.
But …the Mick must know what he’s doing…..I finally shut up.

We turn into the car park of the pub.

Mick’s wheel falls off.

He stays on his feet, picks up the bits and leans the trike against the pub wall (that’s a first) and we turn our attention to the things you do in a pub.

After a while, a lift back to Diss is offered. Mick is in two minds, averring he is quite capable of riding the Rogers back on the two remaining wheels.

No one wants to spoil a heroic epic…… on the other hand potholes are hiding under the snow.
I snatch a photo – it does not come out very well because it is hard to make sense of a view of a Dursley Pederson leaning against a two wheel trike with an odd wheel draped on top.
Mick decides to accept the lift – tho’ I’m told he first rides up and down the road outside the pub to prove he can.

Meanwhile, I have hurried off to catch the train from Diss to Norwich. (It’s a lovely ride to Diss actually, with a moon behind the clouds faintly lighting the white landscape, and the roads deserted).
Suddenly an estate car swings round in front of me and well-wrapped up figure jumps out and waves me down. Whatever’s happening?

“You forgot to pay for your meal” says Mick – for it is he. I feel like burying myself in a snowdrift with embarrassment.
And that’s pretty well the end of the story. I repay Mick and catch the train. Later Mick – with Geoff Bookers help, I believe – sorts out a stub axle and we all live happily……….well, into the next year, at least.

And now…those promised details of our meet at Maldon on Friday 21st Jan.
Paper Mill Lock Cafe is on the lane which leads north from Little Baddow. The grid ref is TL777090, Postcode is CM3 4BS. I guess we will leave by 11.15am.

MALDON QUEENS HEAD is on The Hythe – ie the waterfront. Grid ref is TL857068, the postcode CM9 5HN.

Finally – please send your bookings for the TA East Lunch in to Geoff Morse – we look forward to a big turn-out.
Best wishes to you all

Ferg Muir 01603 615000 fergusmuir@btinternet.com


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