To TA East Local Members & Friends
From Ferg Muir

For anyone who has not noticed it, there is an account of our most recent meet, at Maldon, in the East Region pages on the TA Website.

To find this, start on the TA website www.rogerc72.sg-host.com
Then click on
“East”…..and then either
“East News” or “East Gallery” according to whether you want the words or pictures that can be enlarged.

You may have to copy & paste the website address into your address box.
(You can see that I still don’t understand how to make a proper link that always works – any clear, tested, advice welcome).

If you are wondering who the members are in the photos …
Standing under the protection of Brythnoth are, left to right, Ian Mackenzie, regional secretary Roy Prockter, Tom Fogg and regional chairman Martin Badham.

Under the paintings in the Blue Boar can be seen (going clockwise) the back of the chairman’s head, Dave Huffey, Tom Fogg and newly bearded Roy Prockter.

The website also gives details of how to get a copy of the newly published “History of the Tricycle” by Roger Alma, Cyril Hancock and the late Derek Roberts.

In researching an obituary for John Tovell, I was sorting some press cuttings and found a column on humorous cycling stories gathered by Brian Payne (uncle of Diss (tri)cycle shop man Mick Madgett)

It included the following:

“Mac” Maclaren, the King’s Lynn tricyclist had the experience of being “shot at dawn” in the years just before the war. He was competing in a time trial on one of the North Road courses during the early morning when somebody just the other side of the hedge fired a shot gun, and he was peppered with pellets.
Later, while serving in Egypt in the forces, he was conversing with a stranger who, he found, also had an interest in cycling. “Of course, you’re the chap who was shot on the North Road”, said the stranger when he mentioned his name.

Hope to see many of you on Sunday
Ferg Muir 01603 615000 fergusmuir@btinternet.com

Webmaster received email on his return from Suffolk so Sunday has gone. Point of note – above mentioned Mick Madgett tricycled approximately 20 miles into a head-wind, his drive axle broke, necessitating a walk to Lavenham were a succession of lifts conveyed him to the lunch, and then (much to Mick’s chagrin) home. Mick’s off-side axle snapped a little before Christmas, so he spent much of the lunch receiving cross-toasts. Mick, being Mick, did not fail to get his revenge in like manner. 


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