To TA East Members & Friends
From Ferg Muir

The TA EAST 100 is on Sunday (31 July) and I suggest that those who would like to lunch in company afterwards head for The Gamekeeper at Old Buckenham, SE of Attleborough on the B1077. Grid ref TM 064916 NR17 1RE

Last time we went there, two years ago, it wasn’t necessary to book, so feel free to turn up on spec, but I will phone on Saturday evening and book in any who have emailed me by then to be on the safe side.
Note that we will be eating towards the end of lunchtime – as we are not likely to LEAVE THE EVENT HQ – Morley Village Hall – until well after 1pm.
This is the trike field:
Number Name Club LTS H/cap Start time
1 Caroline Nye (TRIKE) Ashford Wheelers 06:28:01 168.01 05:31
2 Martin Badham (TRIKE) CC Breckland 05:59:25 139.25 05:32
3 Peter Holland (TRIKE) Lincoln Wheelers CC 05:36:33 118.07 05:33
4 Andrew Nye (TRIKE) Ashford Wheelers 05:22:24 104.55 05:34
5 Ian Mackenzie (TRIKE) Southend Wheelers 06:13:01 153.10 05:35

The course is up and down the A11 between Larling and Wymondham. Bike numbers go up to 80. I will be fulfilling the TA’s marshalling commitment at the A11 roundabout just on the London side of Attleborough

Roy Prockter had a call from James Benstead of 17 Vine Road Tiptree who has a Jack Taylor trike he wants to sell
It is a five speed with Williams Cotterless chainset and hasn’t been used for the past 20 years
He was unsure of the frame size, but is 5ft 5in tall and it fits him
I said I would let my local TA colleagues know and then let him know how to advertise it the TA Gazette
He does not have email – phone number is 01621 810612

Also – Ronnie Pearson’s last trike is advertised in the current TA Gazette.

OUR MEMBERS JIM & VERA STAINES have yesterday completed their selling up in the UK and intend to spend most of their time in Holland.
They are still contactable by email: jimstaines@hotmail.co.uk ,
but no longer at their old Jellicoe Place address and phone number.
Jim & Vera’s UK base will be at their daughter Mandy Burchett’s at
1 Dukes Ride, Bury Road, Barnham Thetford IP24 2PJ 01842 890721.

Mandy has their tandem trike for sale and also Vera’s solo trike. Until a buyer is found Mandy intends to put the small trike to good use and we hope to see her on some future TA East rides.

Talking of lady tricyclists – I met Kath Akoslovski and her husband Pete at the Mersey 24 last weekend and she tells me that she still has her trikes. As Kathy Bellingham she was a prominent TA figure in the early 1980s – and we welcome her & Pete to the readership of TA East News

Trike provisional mileages in the Mersey 24 were Dave Stokes 298, and Howard Waller 411.
These provisional Mersey distances are produced within an hour of the finish and are always subject to refinement. Dave – formerly a clubmate of our secretary in the Viking Road Club – was tracking himself on GPS and the satellite view was definitely over 300. I did not see Howard at the finish, but he emphasised earlier that Paris-Brest-Paris was his main objective for this year and he certainly stopped for over half an hour at Prees Heath at breakfast time, Audax-style. Jim Hopper was an early retirement.

Our SHOTLEY day was very wet.
It started rather badly with the elevenses cafe being inexplicably shut, but early arrival Roy had already checked out that there was a community shop in nearby Stutton able to do drinks and home made cakes – and as a bonus we found the duty volunteer at the shop was the CTC Suffolk treasurer.

We – six of us – set out and almost immediately stopped to cape up. Then headed round Alton Water, crossing the dam close to some sailing dinghies having a very fast sail. We then followed a route close to the Stour estuary – which went up and down and up and down as it crossed the little valleys of streams flowing into the Stour. John and Margaret Davies bravely thumped their tandem trike over this mini-switchback without complaining.

It was too wet to enjoy the view at Shotley – and the ferry was storm-bound – but the Shipwreck bar was welcoming, clean and really very good with several real ales of sensibly low strength.

Let’s hope we have better weather for out meet at Peasenhall and Aldeburgh on Friday 19th August, and indeed for the East 12 hour on 14th August – 200 miles of dual carriageway, if that’s what you like – for which entries close next Tuesday.

Best wishes to you all

Ferg Muir 01603 615000 fergusmuir@btinternet.com


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