TA EAST NEWS 8th August 2011
To TA East Members & Friends
from Ferg Muir

I am just off on holiday later this morning, so please excuse this very quick update.
I have just posted my entry for the

MILDENHALL RALLY TRICYCLE RACES – and encourage you to do likewise – remembering the need for a decent number of advance entries – see this item lifted off the TA Website:
Tricycle grass track racing is again on the Mildenhall official racing programme – Saturday 27th August – p.m. However, there must be sufficient postal entries to show Max Pendleton, the race organiser, our intention to compete in numbers. Last year there were only three postal entries. Max Pendleton was worried in the morning last year because of lack of postal entries but many people entered on the day. He did enjoy watching our races BUT if there are not enough postal entries this year there will be no tricycle grass track races at Mildenhall!
The entry address is:-
Mr. Max Pendleton
5 Jackson Place
SG17 5TJ
The cheques of £15.00 should be payable to:- Max Pendleton

There is only one entry (Pete Hollands) for the TA EAST 12 Hour on 14th August, so he is off at the front of the 32 rider bike field.

My main purpose is – you can guess – to give advance notice of our next social meet

Fish at Aldeburgh. On Friday 19th August
Meet for coffee Peasenhall “Weavers” Tearoom.
2 The Knoll IP17 2JE. Lunch: Fish & Chips outdoors followed by drink at the White Hart. 222 High St.
“Weavers” is a well-known cyclists stop and Audax check, overlooking the green at Peasenhall, with its trees that bicyclists like to lean their machines against. We won’t need those.

Aldeburgh – the seaside in high summer. The Fish shop is famous – one expects to have to queue, and I believe there is a webcam which can be used to see how long the queue currently is.

The White Hart does not do food, but it has star rating for its Adnams beer and an interesting history – it was formerly a purpose-built billiard room.

Must get some sleep. Best wishes to you all
Ferg Muir 01603 615000 fergusmuir@btinternet.com


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