To TA East Members & Friends 
From Ferg Muir

To flesh out the details of our meet this FRIDAY (19th August)


We will aim to LEAVE Weavers Tearoom around 11am – so I guess we should gather there about 10.15/10.30am.
Expect (but don’t promise) that we will leave via Rotten End,
then Carlton and Friston –

Arrived in Aldeburgh, we will first seek out Maggi Hambling’s SCALLOP sculpture on the beach – her tribute to Benjamin Britten.

Next stop the Fish & Chip Shop towards the south end of the High Street (There are actually two, under the same ownership – we will go to the one that is open)
And eat what we have purchased – either on the beach or on the tables OUTSIDE the White Hart, 222 High St(They do not allow food to be taken inside)

I imagine we will then have a drink in the White Hart.

After that we officially go our separate ways, but I have received the following email from Paul Willshere:-

“I wondered whether any of those attending on the 19th would like to come back to mine for tea & cake afterwards – I don’t need to know in advance as everything would be out of current stock”.

It is good to find Paul getting out and about again- he has just been trike touring in Ireland – and I imagine several of us will take up this invitation. Paul’s place is 4 Beech Walk, Leiston, about four miles from Aldeburgh

Congratulations to Peter Hopkins(aged 66) and Colin Bunnett (then 68, now 69) who last weekend took Peter’s now all tri-spoked tandem trike to 23:31 in the Bridlington CC10 on the V718 – the dual carriageway course near Hull also used for the Mike Dixie 10. It is an improvement on their National Age Record set recently on the Wymond.ham
Also last weekend Pete Holland nearly 202 miles in the CC Breckland 12 , where the winning bike did a provisional Comp Record 305 miles.

The EAST 100 was won by Andrew Nye (Ashford Whs) in 5:15:37 from Pete Holland
(5:17:37). Handicap winner Ian Mackenzie did 5:27:04 and Caroline Nye 6:53:35.
Six of us went to the Gamekeeper in Old Buckenham for lunch afterwards.

Next year there may well be a choice of running the East 100 with this EDCA event on the Attleborough bypass or seeing if we can go in with the proposed North Norfolk Wheelers 100 on the country road course between Fakenham and Gayton, last used for the bike national championship around the year 2000.

There is lots of info about Mildenhall Rally and the Spelling/Noad Weekend on the TA Website

Hope to see many of you on Friday
Ferg Muir 01603 615000 fergusmuir@btinternet.com


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