TA EAST NEWS –This Meet Saturday

To TA East Local Members & Friends 

As time ticks by I had better lay aside plans for an information-packed TA East News and quickly say that – at the suggestion of a member – we are

MEETING FOR A 10 AM BREAKFAST at the WATERFRONT CAFE at the Suffolk Waterpark. BRAMFORD, near Ipswich. this Saturday 15th October.

After this late breakfast we will ride to Bildeston so that those who wish can drink at the King’s Head without worrying about meal bookings….and those who want to equip themselves for the winter can do this at Rob Morse’s Lifecycles UK.

Two points should be made:

I have received a warning about the Waterfront breakfasts – Allan Austin reports:

Someone on the (CTC, I think – FM) ride today highly recommended the excellent breakfasts at the Bramford Cafe. He said the last time he had been, the breakfasts were at a very reasonable price but after having one he was so ‘stuffed’, he found it difficult
to ride home!!!!

Secondly, the Suffolk Water Park, Bramford, is nowhere near where the chairman at least, thought it was….. .

(Webmaster’s Note: The chairman merely mentions in his defence that Bramfield and Bramford are not that different, apart from their geographic position)

It is about 4 miles north-west of the centre of Ipswich. In between Bramford village and Great Blakenham.

The address is Waterfront Cafe, Lorraine Way, Bramford IP8 4JS.The Grid Ref must be about TM 120486.

Lorraine Way is the B1113, which those of us whose mental maps pre-date the A14, which was only built in 1974, will think of as the A1100, the road by which you slipped past Ipswich en route from Norwich to London via the A140 and A12.

The Watersports Centre started life as the hole out of which the gravel to build the A14 came.

Hope to get some more news to you very soon

Ferg Muir 01603 615000 fergusmuir@btinternet.com


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