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TA EAST NEWS 1st MARCH 2012 (Otherwise TAEN 27 Feb, Part two)

To TA East members and friends

From Ferg Muir

Here is the latest update on the Lea Valley Hut weekend:

We don’t often have people attending from overseas, but Mick Henighan is coming over from Eire to join us for the weekend

Mike Smith is a “definite probable”, though leaving early on Sunday morning as he’s an Accredited Marshal at the nearby Crest Road Race. Also missing Sunday lunch is Ian Mackenzie who needs to head home.

Not staying overnight, but joining us for the day on Sunday are Charles and Chris Willetts and John and Margaret Davis.

There is still room for more. Numbers are not rigid.

SPARE CTT HANDBOOK After what he describes as “4 months of unremitting effort” Alan Nye has ended up with two CTT National handbooks. I can bring the surplus one to the Hut, if anyone would like one. Please let me know – it weighs a ton.

(Incidentally, having de-ciphered Alan’s note, can anyone tell me who or what BON ZOES are? – perhaps I am an innocent lad…..but I don’t know. I suspect a knowledge of 1950’s gentleman’s slang would assist ….but I may be completely adrift).

On a more mundane note, I will have 2012 East District CA handbooks for sale. These are mainly useful for listing club (ie turn-up-and-ride) time trials in Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire.

Conversely – if anyone has a London East District Handbook for sale, I would like one.


We seem to have an increasing number of enthusiasts for long distance pedaling on three wheels at the moment, but if three doesn’t seem enough, try looking at the video at

(You may need to copy & paste this into an address box)

for film of a 24 hr pedal car race on a kart track near Banbury in June 2011. Winner’s average speed 18.2 mph, (I make that 436 miles, with teams of drivers)

Hmm….wonder how much the track costs to hire…..

Looking ahead – it is just over 3 weeks to the Spring 25 at Bressingham, with lunchtime meal afterwards – Sunday March 25th 

Ferg Muir 01603 615000

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