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To TA East members and friends
From Ferg Muir

SO FAR I CAN ONLY REMEMBER A TOTAL OF THREE BOOKED FOR THIS – So please contact me tonight if you are not listed below and expect to come to lunch

That’s lunch at Redgrave Cross Keys after the 25 on Sunday (25th March)

As far as I know I will be there, plus Chris Hutchinson and Mike Moody.
Do tell me if I have missed anyone who has already booked with me – I am quite capable of forgetting.

There’s been quite a lot of interest – and only two years ago we had 19 at the same post-25 lunch. But bookings………….???

There is an excellent forecast – Dry, hardly any wind and 12 degrees even at 9am. The new landlords at the pub seem welcoming

And a good entry for 25 – In order :
Alan Nye….off at 9.01am (NB British Summer Time)
Ferg Muir
Cally Callomon
David Biggs
Pete Holland
Jane Swain
Ian Mackenzie
Pete Hopkins
Chris Hutchinson

Kevin Younge has set up a new internet FORUM

“Only a rough set-up at the moment” Kevin says – but we are all invited to look, comment and contribute.

It has been noticeable how trike participation in Audax rides over here in the East has been nurtured by use of the “Yet Another Cycling Forum” this spring and it has been apparent for a while that the Time Trialling Forum has been a major conduit of communication for racing people – so this so this is a development with clear potential

NOW – PLEASE SAVE ME AN EMBARASSING PHONE CALL TO REDGRAVE CROSS KEYS – I told them 8-12 for lunch …….And I would prefer not to be ringing later this evening and having to say “Actually it’s only THREE”

Ferg Muir 01603 615000

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