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To TA East members and friends

From Ferg Muir

First let me emphasise that our PIN MILL MEET this coming Friday (15th June) is still on and that I hope to see you there.

BUT, I fear that trike participation in the Maldon and Bredfield grass-track meets will not now happen. 

Apparently, while I was banging away on my computer keyboard extolling the pleasures of the grass meets, the East Chairman and the National Criterium League Organiser were conferring on the phone and deciding that it was impossible to get a viable trike entry and making the decision pull the plug on the trike races while there was still time for trikies to enter the Bernard Wood 25 at York. I got an 11.30pm phone call after I had dispatched TA E News to local recipients.

The bike grass-track events will, of course, continue and we (the East Chairman & I) did consider continuing the weekend as purely a social event. But, with no trike racing to watch, we came down against that.

I am really sorry that this has come about.

Hot News – At least this second email gives me the opportunity of telling you that yesterday Norfolk veterans Peter Hopkins (age 67) and Colin Bunnett (69) set a new National Age Record for 25 miles on tandem trike with a time of 1:04:12.

Pleased also to tell you that the E Chairman has today driven his car for the first time since his walking accident on Vancouver Island. Still the trike pedals to get round, though.

Looking forward to seeing lots of members and friends at Pin Mill on Friday

Ferg Muir 01603 615000

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