TA EAST E-NEWS March 8th 2013 
To TA East members and friends
from Ferg Muir

It’s time to remind tricyclists to enter the TA EAST MARCH 25 on the Bressingham to Thetford course. It is on Sunday 24th March and entries close officially on Tuesday (12th) – or very soon afterwards unofficially.

For the first year the details are available on the CTT Website at CTT Website

That’s a bit of a handful, so I will add that Event Sec Mick Madgett’s address is
32 Tottington Lane
IP22 5BJ Entry Fee £8.50 (Internet entry not available)

Peter Hopkins, who usually has his finger on the time trialling pulse, told me a good trike entry is expected.
I’ll be entering – it will be the first day I can benefit from my new 70 years Vets Standard – which might tempt me to ride the classic bike event – but in the end I expect I will throw myself on the mercies of trike handicapper Madgett. I hear Mick is already riding in shorts at the moment – in Italy – so he should be in a benign mood.

Afterwards we will lunch – as in the last few years – at Redgrave Cross Keys. The pub will need numbers, so please tell me (Ferg) if you are intending to eat with us. 

The weekend before that we have our Hut Weekend on the 15/17 March near Stansted Mountfitchet.
Mike Keen adds to the details:
Forgot to add that, for those cycling to the Hut, there are spare hand towels and a couple of spare sleeping bags to be had.

Our member Don Saunders brought out his Flying Gate Trike, equipped with L shaped cranks, for the CC Breckland 10 on March 3rd. The Eastern Daily Press chose his photo to illustrate the report, which can be seen at:
(Contrary to the photo credit, the pic is not by me – I was already down the course, racing – but by Harvey Hall)

Don put in a 28:42 ride, somewhat faster than my 34:12 (I’m hoping Mr Handicapper Madgett will read this)
You can see that Chairman Martin rode rather further that day – he completed the Old Squit 200km Audax, which Mike Moody also rode, though Mike was short of a wheel on this occasion.

Please get those entries and bookings in
Best Wishes

Ferg Muir 01603 615000 fergusmuir@btinternet.com 


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