To TA East members and friends
From Ferg Muir

You readers of TA East E-News are the first, I believe, to know that a few more yards have been added to Barry Charlton’s new 12 Hour Trike Record, set the day before yesterday in Norfolk. Don Saunders tells me Barry’s confirmed mileage in the CC Breckland 12 is now 258.998.
Conditions were not very good – there was quite a strong wind blowing pretty much straight along the A11- so there was no shelter from banks or hedges. Adam Topham, the bike winner covered 11 miles less than last year. Of the 5 who rode both years, only one improved, four were down by between 3 and 11 miles.
Staple food for the 12, Barry tells me, was his bread pudding, which he makes himself.

By the way – if you are wondering why there is no mention of this yet on the TA website, the reason is that the TA Webmaster is working for the week in the Audax London-Edinburgh-London operations room, while his deputy is actually riding the 1400 km event. More on LEL anon.
(PS… That’s out of date already – a way has apparently been found to update the TA Website from the LEL bunker).

With pink tinsel tassels hanging from the handlebars TA East member Jane Swain and Arabella Maude from Ipswich covered 349.60 miles on Mark Brooking’s Jack Taylor tandem trike. This should establish a new CTT Competition Record. Thankfully there was cloud cover on both Saturday and Sunday, which both kept the temperature down (a bit) during the day and up during the night, which never got desperately cold.

Congratulations to Barry, Jane and Arabella – what a few weeks it has been!

Tuesday 6th August – Evening:
Mick Madgett has invited us to join in with the Diss & District CC Wacky Races evening.
This is based at Redgrave, starting and finishing outside the Cross Keys – and TA members may stray not further than the tables outside the pub, if they so wish. But if you would like to ride the 8 mile time trial you are welcome to do so – start is 6.45pm. People ride roadsters – wonder what members of the Dagworth & District Gentleman’s Cycling Society might arrive on. Or there are tandems and Rann trailers and so on. I once rode my Brompton folder. But any trike would certainly qualify. Pub has good food and drink.

Then a few days later – on SATURDAY 10TH AUGUST we have a run based at Gordon and Gloria’s at Stondon Massey – , Essex Meet 10am at
8 TIPPS CROSS MEAD, HOOK END, CM15 0HS Grid ref TL589000 for coffee & cake, courtesy of Gordon Biggs & Gloria.
Run to Lunch at Stondon Massey Bricklayers Arms CM15 0EQ Grid Ref TL582007.
Note the address (which I got a bit wrong in the TA Gazette).
Stondon Massey is easily accessible from both Chelmsford and Shenfield stations.

We had super weather for our day of sea views taking in WHERSTEAD AND SHOTLEY GATE. Twelve people joined in – including Alan Nye who made a welcome if unexpected appearance on the clubrun.

There was a good contingent from Tiptree and Maldon who devised a remarkable ride home using two long ferry crossings – as referred to in this note from Les King:

Our little adventure worked out incredibly well. As you know we cycled up and had breakfast at Fillpots then made our way to Wherstead doing a bit of a loop in the direction of Hadleigh and then
crossing the A12 at Copdock to avoid any Tendring Show traffic.

We only had just enough time to get to you for coffee (sorry we were late). We then
enjoyed the river ride to Shotley, somewhere that we had not ridden to before. Panic did set in a little when the ferry set off without us….followed by relief when we realized they were coming back for a second trip. This however did mean a faster ride from Harwich to Brightlingsea than
anticipated. We made it just as the ferry was loading.
On reaching Mersea we were just in time for the tea shop at Cudmore Grove – as the shutters went
down just after we had placed our orders. We then had a more sedate ride
back to Tiptree a total of over 80 miles (Gavin and Tracy carried onto
Maldon and did 102 miles.) Altogether an exceptionally nice day.

Commiserations to Adrian Hills, formerly of Colchester. He tells me :
A fellow cyclist ran into me from behind whilst I was warming up for an evening ten. Broken left forearm and wrist – internal plate and external aluminium beams which will be coming off next week. Four upper and two lower front teeth gone. others snapped in half.

I said I would tell you more of the LONDON-EDINBURGH-LONDON Audax ride which is taking place as I write,
In fact – using the LEL Rider Checker a few minutes ago – just after 11pm Tuesday evening:
Of our TA East members riding trikes, Richard Parker* checked into the Brampton Control, near Carlisle on the way back south with 849 km completed, at 22:55 – half an hour ago.
Lincoln Wheelers clubmate Pete Holland was last tracked at the previous control, Eskdalemuir (791 km) at 19:56.
Also on a trike Edwin Hargraves arrived at Brampton at 20:11 tonight.

TA East members riding bikes include Mike Moody who booked into Brampton at 20:26 and Peter Faulks who reached Eskdalemuir at 19:26 today

(* Subsequently Ferg discovered that he had been misinformed and Richard was on two wheels)

Very best wishes to all of them
Ferg Muir 01603 615000 fergusmuir@btinternet.com


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