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To TA East members and friends

From Ferg Muir

This edition is being put together in record time because the message from Dave Huffey (below) will be too late unless sent straight out away – but if anyone would like to write an account of, for instance,  the East Lunch – or anything else East Region trike related – contributions would be very welcome.

I can however draw attention to a large set of ….

PHOTOS OF THE EAST LUNCH, just put up on the “Old” TA Website at:

We certainly had good weather and a good attendance of 36, with no less than 22 at Lavenham for The Chairman’s Appetizer, including three tandem trikes, and a steady stream of cross-toasting.



A  Request from DAVE HUFFEY

Out of the blue this evening I had a phone call from TA Thames Valley’s Colchester member Dave Huffey

He would like to go to the TA Thames Valley Lunch and wonders if anyone might be going from his part of the world and would give him a lift.  The Lunch is at Little Gaddesden near Berkhamsted this Sunday 23rd Feb.

Chris Hewitt needed numbers yesterday – so any arrangement would have to be made very quickly .

Phone Dave, 01206 548964 or me 01603 615000. (I think Dave hopes that I would come with him).


I was very pleased to regain contact with “Chuff”

He sounded just like his old self, but he tells me he has difficulty with walking and short-term memory.

He is in living a flat in a Colchester Borough Council Home in Layer Road.

I am sorry to say that when I asked him if he would be pleased if old TA members called on him, he said he didn’t want that, so I am not sure I ought to publish his address, though I have worked out what it must be – the Internet is a wonderful thing



Another thing  the internet makes possible is cyclist’s blogs – public online diaries.

One in particular that readers might find outstanding is East London roadman ( but now racing abroad)


Now, I must make clear – there is no tricycle connection.

But the quality of the writing makes me think it worth a mention.

I recommend scrolling  down  four items to his entry for Saturday 16th November 2013.

There is not a word about racing, but it is observant, thoughtful, understanding of the cyclist’s world – for example:

“…cyclists naturally become Tarmac connoisseurs, whether they like it or not”

How true!




I was riding back from Catfield Fen last week when Mike Burrows swept past in the opposite direction – Mike , cycle designer of, for instance the Barcelona Olympic Superbike and speaker at a previous TA National Dinner. In typical fashion he was lying almost horizontal on a recumbent bike.

It put me in mind that Les King is looking for a tandem trike and Mike used to ride one with his son.

So in the evening I rang Mike. No tandem trike I’m afraid – it has long since been returned to Paul and Jacquie Denny – but Mike was soon pouring out interesting information in the way he does.

Amongst which was the fact that the HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) 24 hour record for trikes is around 760 miles. On a smooth track in  Australia, apparently.

All done with streamlining, of course.  I forgot to ask if there were changes of riders –  but  I suspect there were.




There are several LINKs in this edition of  TA EAST E-NEWS.

With the help of Mike Moody some progress has been made on making these work.  But it would be very helpful to know if there are still problems. If they don’t work for you please email me.

Ferg Muir 01603 615000


Any offers to lead a spring/early summer TA East ride?  The Spring TA Gazette closes for press in only four weeks time – 18th March. Offers to Ferg.

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