To TA East members and friends

From Ferg Muir

Who’s for Worzals this Saturday 10.30am? –


The TA East meet at Worzals, Wisbech, for coffee & cake around 10.30am.

It’s a farm shop, approx 200 metres along the B198 Lynn Road leading from the A47 Wisbech By-Pass at the northern end (Grid ref: TF 492123).

Please park in the car park section nearest the road leaving the spaces near the building for other visitors.

We will then take a gentle 22 mile meander through some of the many villages between Wisbech and King’s Lynn which grew rich on the wool trade and built magnificent churches to show both their wealth and piety, before stopping for lunch at The Angel, Watlington (Grid Ref: TF 618111, Postcode PE33 0HA, www.theangelpub.webs.com) at about 1:00pm.

After lunch a fast 9 mile ride will take us past one final church before joining the OLD A47 to sample how main road cycling felt like in the 60’s and whisk us back to the start where anyone with any room can have a final coffee and cake before returning home.

Further details from Mike Moody, 01945 861046 mike@mjmoody.co.uk


Thanks to one of TA East’s Competition Record holders, Arabella Maude, Willesden CC, for the following delight:


I’ve now had two bouts of trikie Audaxing.
Bout #1 was a few years ago when I’d volunteered to stoke Mark Brooking’s longbarrow round PBP (Paris-Brest-Paris). This necessitated a bit of practice beforehand, so thus it was that in March (I think) 2011 I had my first trike outing. After a few dozen yards up and down outside my house and an adjustment of saddles, off we went.

Now, this particular Audax had a night time start, so after a hundred or so terrifying yards being tossed about on the back (on account of having no prior experience and thus finding myself not moving in time with the trike), I shut my eyes tightly for the next few corners until deciding it was better to keep them open.
By the time we’d got a few instructions into the route sheet (Audax route sheet : list of instructions to follow which lead you along the organiser’s route from A to A via B, C, D and so on) we realised there was a massive flaw in the plan that I do the navigation. Anyone who’s met both Mark and myself will know that he’s rather bigger than I am – to the extent that I couldn’t see the way ahead usefully enough. That sorted I settled down for a gentle snooze whilst still pedalling away.
It got light, so I looked to the left and to the right. The view ahead wasn’t very interesting (a bit like the head rest if you’re in the back of a car).
It got windy, so we acquired a tail of solos tucked in behind. They kindly stopped and kept us company whilst we changed an inner tube, merely leaping ahead when the smell of tea, coffee and other light refreshments was in the wind.
General result : PBP was a possibility, assuming qualification. We decided upon another 300 in July, just to keep our legs in.

Along rolls July. Additional knowledge acquired was that we climbed like treacle: something to do with gravity and me living in the flatlands. Or perhaps it was ‘cos we forgot to eat the cherry bakewells when having a jellybaby feast 7/8 or the way through the ride when feeling in need of sugar.

August. ’nuff has already been said. What is there to add about a 1200km ride that hasn’t already been worked out on a 300km ride; I had zero responsibility in any case, apart from to pedal. Our only discovery was that I speak french better than Mark but still don’t know how to say ‘racing trike’. Plus I finally relised (realised? relished?) I can pretend to be an aeroplane and stick out my arms yelling ‘neeeeooooowwwww ack ack ack ack’ and so forth. Happy days (or was it cumulative sleeplessness?).

I followed this up last year by stoking Jane Moore round the Mersey Roads 24 Hours. We won the ladies’ tandem trike category hands down, the rest were nowhere. (Yeah, OK, they really were nowhere as in not there at all – there wasn’t such a category, we got shoved in with the mens and mixed tandem bikes thus coming 2nd). Not bad given we only bothered with 12 miles practice (inc a long break in the middle).

So, after a certain amount of longbarrow stoking and an imagined and vague competence at driving a trike, I decided it behove me to learn properly. Being lucky, a trike came up for sale a whole 2,132 yards from my house; about small enough, OWD, with saddlebag. Not green alas (all my 2-wheelers are green, apart from the ones that aren’t), but I decided I’d cope. So, have trike, will travel, I mean make a few adaptations – swap 177mm cranks for 160mm cranks, replace stem with taller stump stem, wave around spray can of waxoyl. I travelled to work, and back, and there, and back (etc.). I took the trike to work xmas do so that various people could have a go, very comedic it was too. My colleague asked me what was the advantage of a tricycle over two wheels. I said none whatsoever, it’s just fun. By which time I thought I’d better go a bit further, thus a local Audax with Lindsay (who’d stoked Jane on the shorter, sprintier TTs) to pace me. Every now and then she’d vanish off ahead to stretch her legs: in spite of her fixed weighing even more than mine (18kg/40lb) so probably the same as the trike, Lindsay is, ahem, a stronger rider than I am. In any case, I made it round in time for tea – only 100km after all (62.5 miles). One whole trike Audax.

Thus I decided I could go straight to 400km. Which was a mistake, I did around 200km in the end so not so bad. Another half trike Audax, and then a train assisted return. ’nuff said.
I therefore retreated into a sulk and did some rides on 2 wheels, just as well as both required a non-Anglia-no-trikes train journey to the start.

I’ve now recovered from the sulks and so did the 100km Audax at Mildenhall, which included triking there and back with a trailer and such entertainment as What a rubbish camber! Do I want the pothole under the front wheel or under the drive side wheel? Where is the surface at its most level? Who put that grass down the middle of the road? Which side does the trailer stick out? ….and so forth. With the added fun that I had all 3 wheels to be besanded at Timworth.

At which point Fergus asked me if I could write a bit about trike Audaxing. Ho hum. This is more about ‘how Arabella’s been getting on with 3-wheeled velocipedes’.

I hope he doesn’t mind.

Arabella Maude, Ipswich.


The following is adapted from the result sheet of our Autumn 25 on the Old 32nd course through Newport, Essex, by Mike Keen:

TRICYCLE ASSOCIATION (EAST) Scratch and handicap 25 mile Time Trial 5th Oct, 2014 E1/25b



1 JOHN THOMPSON SEVERN RC (Hcp time 49-29) 1-13-44




5 IAN MACKENZIE SOUTHEND WHLRS 54-11 1-26-11 (punct.)

6 JANE MOORE WILLESDEN CC 57-18 1-28-18 (legs)


DNS , With Apologies Nos. 1, Adrian Hills, 9, Alan Nye CONGRATULATIONS to the two winners, John and Sid . We wish Adrian and Alan a speedy recovery and better health.

THANKYOU’S TO The Lea Valley C.C. for the loan of the COMET 25, Don and Gloria, refreshments; Alan Hedges, push off ; to all those who marshalled, Lea Valley at Sawston and TA at Stump Cross, and to Frida and Stan Broom, for donating their services.

A very convivial weekend, with many staying at the LVCC Marshals Hut. Where tales of derring-do and Former Glories were spun into that comfortable web, which is the TA.

There will be a Hut Spring Bash, mid to late March, 2015, watch Ferg’s space for details.

See you all next year,


RON FISHER TROPHY – East Region Members Mileage

The Ron Fisher Trophy is awarded to the East Region member who records the greatest distance in National TA Tricycle Mileage Chart Competition (administered by John Lewis) during the year from 1st October to 30th September.

So it is time to start recording your tricycle mileage if you want to be in with a shout for next year’s competition and this is also a reminder to those members who have been recording trike miles this year, to send a copy of their charts to John at 86 Grosvenor Road, Ilford IG1 1LA

Ron Fisher was our regional secretary for many years until his death in, I think, 1982.


Hope many of you will join Mike Moody on his Fenland Ride on Saturday.

Ferg Muir  01603 615000  fergusmuir@btinternet.com


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