To TA East members and friends

From Ferg Muir

This edition is coming out just now in case any of you would like to be alerted to the Channel 4 TV programme on Sunday night (26th October) about a tricycle 24 hour record attempt.


Be warned it may not be quite conventional tricycling, as it is part of a new series of “Speed With Guy Martin” to be broadcast at 8pm on Sunday evening.

In spite of some programme magazines referring to a “tandem bicycle” I learnt when I was asked some time ago about finding an official timekeeper, that the machine is strictly speaking a SOCIABLE TRICYCLE, though it does not at all look like the nineteenth-century machines we may associate with that phrase, as it is an extreme recumbent with an all-enveloping body. The attempt was on the Goodwood motor racing circuit with  Norwich recumbent specialist Mike Burrows as technical consultant . If you question whether a TV personality could race seriously for 24 hours you could check the results of the WEMBO 24 hour Solo Mountain Bike race at Fort William a couple of weeks ago at

http://lappedenduro.sportident.co.uk/home/event.html?eventid=b0652c4c-1cbe-44b3-8aef-50b9e8531bba . You will see that Guy Martin was 32nd out of 140-odd finishers , covering 21 laps of the 8.8 mile circuit (185 miles) off-road and including 1600 feet of climbing each lap.



If all the above is a bit too much like popular TV entertainment, perhaps you would prefer Radio 4 and Desert Island Discs? TA Midland Region member Sir Roy Strong was the subject of the programme recently, and chose as the one “luxury” that each interviewee is allowed “My custom-built racing tricycle”. The programme is available on the BBC I-Player at


( You might need to copy & paste that into your address box).

The request comes about 40 minutes into the programme, (but all of it is quite interesting).

Yes- the machine was indeed built by Geoff Booker, who told me:

Yes it is one of my trikes

Roy has never driven a car and could not ride a bike either. He had some tuition from a friend but couldn’t get on with a bike so he came to me and bought a new trike.

He has now learned to ride it and loves getting out and about.


The TA East had an outstanding day out in the Fens a week ago. Mike and Linda Moody had put a tremendous amount into planning an interest-packed day – and it was great to find several tricyclist riding with us for the first time.


The next TA East meet is diagonally at the opposite end of the Region:

Saturday 15th November      WRITTLE & THE VIPER

Coffee at Lordship Tearooms Writtle Grid ref TL678068. Lunch The Viper, Mill Green, near Ingatestone. CM4 0PT, Grid Ref TL640018



There was a lovely informal gathering today to help PAUL & JACQUI DENNY celebrate their Diamond Wedding (60 years of marriage) Jacquie was the first ladies tricycle 12 Hour Competition Record holder and Paul was a member of the Diss and District team that held the trike team comp record at 100 miles.

I like the story of how they met – in 1952. Jacqui, who was a regular churchgoer then, attended early service at Ufford, near Woodbridge and then rode to Lowestoft to meet her Ipswich BC clubmates for Lunch. They did not make the rendezvous, so Jacqui turned round and headed south again, stopping for tea at the NCU-appointed cafe at Kelsale, near Saxmundham which was crowded with the Diss & District CC clubrun. There was no vacant table, so she had to share one – with a tricyclist called Paul Denny.

Paul is 88 now and does not hear well, but I noticed Jacqui grabbing one of the guests today to pump up her tyres – she still rides here long, low dropped handlebar lightweight, though only to the shops locally.

Any cards to 21 Eastern Av, Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich.


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ WHAT A SMALL IMPACT CYCLING HAS HAD ON THE LANDSCAPE!

This thought crossed my mind as I looked through a large collection of Landscape History books and booklets from the working libraries of two well known local landscape historians that were being sold by the City Bookshop in Norwich http://www.citybookshopnorwich.co.uk/?page=shop/index

In a big sale, there was virtually nothing cycling -related.

Perhaps it really is something to be proud of that we largely leave the countryside as we find it – in contrast to canals, railways, mining industries or religious institutions – however much we may enjoy exploring the remains that these activities have left behind.


Best wishes to you all


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