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To TA East Members & Friends

From Ferg Muir

Coming up soon we have the:


TA EAST LUNCH on SUNDAY 7th FEBRUARY at The Manger, Bradfield Combust.

Bradfield Combust is on the A134, 6 miles south of Bury St Edmunds.

OS Sheet 155, Grid Ref TL893574, Postcode IP30 0LW

Bookings: £15.00  Martin Badham 01603 897738. 9 St Pauls Close, Horsford, Norwich NR10 3HG

Chairman’s Appetiser Run: Meet at “Sweetmeats” cafe above sweetshop in Water Lane, Lavenham (opposite kitchen door of “The Swan”) approx 10.30am


If spending the whole day with us is not practicable, do feel free to join in, for instance, for the morning only.

The Chairman will be parking at The Manger and anyone who would like join him on the outward ride to Lavenham, should be at the Manger for 9.00am

So do please ring or message Martin with you bookings as soon a possible.

While doing so you may wish to…..




Medical staff have warned him that he may end up with a ragged ear – a bit like the rabbits in Watership Down who got unpopular with their burrow-mates. Though I think it’s mending better than that.


It happened like this. Martin was riding into Norwich on his 1936 Raleigh bicycle, along the Marriotts Way. This is a former railway and at one point a bridge where the railway went over a road, has been removed.

Now, Martin crossed the road quite safely. Then, in order to regain the level of the railway, the cyclepath performs a sort of double “S” bend up the side of the embankment – it’s sort of Norfolk’s answer to the Stelvio Pass with its 48 hairpins, or the Flam Railway in Norway that goes through a spiral tunnel to gain height. In fact it is more spectacular than the tunnel, which, being underground, is difficult to appreciate.


Anyway, it was just after the early January gales and Martin swirled up this path in merry morning mood.

Unfortunately he did not notice a tree that had fallen across the climb – he says the sun was in his eyes.


Information about what happened next is a little blurred, but the top of his ear-lobe and the crank of the Raleigh seem to have suffered the worst. However Martin was able to walk to a nearby doctor’s surgery to stem the flow of blood and later Mick Madgett, amazingly, was able to straighten the crank.


Anyway Martin is back riding …..and ready to take your bookings for the East Lunch -01603 897738 or as above.




We have heard recently that, sadly, Pete Cudmore is no longer with us, having died in 2014.


Last month his daughter, Bernice Fookes, contacted the TA Website, and Deputy Webmaster Mike Moody supplied Bernice with details of the many TA awards, National and Eastern, that Pete won – mainly in the early 1960s, and pointed Bernice in the right direction about the restoration of Pete’s trike.

However the key sentence of Bernice’s letter is :

“I have been going through his belongings and have found numerous photos medals and certificates which I am trying to place to certain events and I was wondering if you could direct me to any members, if still around, that remember my father and can help?”


If you can help, myself, Martin Badham or   Mike Moody will be pleased to put you in contact.

The full text of Bernice’s email is given at the end of this TA EAST E-NEWS



A Boadicea Moment or Heard from Behind….


We had been out with the Flat Section of the Veteran-Cycle Club

It was past 10 at night and four of us were returning northwards from the Half Moon at Rushall after a Monday evening meet, well filled with food and beer.


The Norfolk lanes were deserted. There was a moon, a tailwind and we had the sort of wonderful lights that have recently become available.


Two of us were on trikes and two on bikes. At first we were sensible. We rode with each trike alongside a bike, but after some reshuffle I ended up at the front with our TA Regional Chairman alongside – on his 750mm wide Trykit. As I said, there was no other traffic about, so it did not seem worth rearranging ourselves.


Dave’s voice came from behind “I can see a Boadicea Moment coming up” in the sort of resigned voice used by people who know that life in the company of their TA friends is seldom dull.


We knew what he meant – Boadicea (or Boudicca) our East Anglian Queen of the Iceni is portrayed in her statue on the Embankment near the Houses of Parliament in a war chariot with scythes rotating on the wheel-hubs.


I must say though, that these scythes are nothing to the magnificent gold ( painted, I suppose) ones on Boadicea’s chariot in the St Albans Pageants* of my youth, acted out by a thousand local actors among the ruins of Verulamium, the Roman city she burnt to the ground in 61AD.


However our tricycles did not come together. Our spokes remained intact. I threw back a comment along the lines of “Been there, done that” – for indeed we had once ripped spokes out of each other’s wheels… in the middle of the Fens, on the way home from Loughborough when the TA National Reunion was last held there in 1973.


I do actually own a pair of splendid wing nuts which came with various spares for my tandem trike when I acquired it many years ago. But I have never had the chutzpah to use them.


But I don’t think I have heard the phrase Boadicea Moment before. Or am I out of touch with modern trike idiom?



*A pageant was a sort of mass-participation mobile play or cavalcade, with scenes representing moments from history.



Please do send your bookings for the lunch to Martin Badham

Best Wishes to you All

Fergus Muir 01603 615000,



Here is the full text of Pete Cudmore’s daughter’s email:

I am the daughter of Peter Cudmore. He was a member for many years and as a young child he used to tell stories of his racing days and the places he visited when on tour. Unfortunately last year my father passed away. I am sorry I did not contact the club earlier.

I know he was still in contact with a couple of members a few years back but could not find any contact details or names. He used to refer to them as his old cycling pals.

I have been going through his belongings and have found numerous photos, medals and certificates which I am trying to place to certain events and I was wondering if you could direct me to any members if still around that remember my father and can help?

I also still have his old tricycle frame which is on the Higgins register. I was thinking of restoring it and riding it in a charity race in a couple of years time. Can you suggest who is the best to help here also?

Thank you in advance for your help

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