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To TA East Members & Friends

From Ferg Muir


It is two weeks to go now to the:


Near Stanstead Mountfitchet, Essex

Friday-Sunday 18th-20th March

Arrive Friday pm take away supper.

Longer run on Saturday, with 11’s and Pub Lunch

Dinner at about 7pm , cooked up by Frida, NOT TO BE MISSED.

Shorter run on Sunday, Pub Lunch and tea at Hut.


Bookings to: Michael Keen, 13 Benn Street, London, E9 5SU

020 7253 2370       020 8986 0109 ( late evenings till 12)



I’m sure there will be more details soon from Mike and Frida – which I will relay as soon as I get them.



Here are the replies I have received so far in response to my request for memories of him.

I hope they will encourage more contributions, corrections etc.


From Andrew Nye in New Zealand:

Peter Cudmore was in the Ashford Wheelers CC, and I last met him in 2014, when I was over there.

He was in the process of moving house at the time.

We spent a good half hour talking and catching up.

He did quite a few rides on his trike, when I was growing up in the 70’s.

He was in the Wheelers when I joined in 1969, and was still active when I left in 1981.

Jim Moody-Smith would know more details.

I will get his contact details.

I brought his Ken Rogers trike to New Zealand in 1981!Regards & Best Wishes
Andrew Nye

From Len Lawson:

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Pete Cudmore, I rode both with him (socially) and against him (t/t) during the 1960’s. Am I right in remembering that he had a bad leg? I seem to recall that he always rode a fixed wheel, and had one of his cranks always free-floating on the bottom bracket axle to support his bad leg, he being propelled only by the action of his other leg?


Or is my memory paying tricks with me ?


On Wheelnuts, Scythes and Other Things.


Sid Charlton, our member in Oundle wrote to say that my article about A Boadicea Moment put him in mind of the chariot race in the film Ben Hur – which, if you have temn minutes you can watch from this link (As ever with TA East E-News, it may be necessary to copy and paste this into an address box – but hopefully not)   The Chariot Race



This article inspired FRANK TAYLOR to contibute the following:

Regarding the wing nuts on your trike…….. for some time I rode with wing nuts holding the back wheels onto my Higgins.

This caused lots of complaints among members of the Kettering Amateur CC but I don’t think I ever hit anybody.

The next trick was to take of the wing nuts and put Black & Decker (circular) saw blades on before replacing the wing nuts this caused more complaints…….. so eventually I took them off. Frank Taylor


I am always hoping that Frank will join us at a TA East Meet….Who is he?

FERG’S Memories of Frank Taylor:


Frank lives near Market Harborough and, if I remember rightly, felt that there was too much conflict and argument in the local clubs of the time, so he founded the sonorously named Harborough Concord CC to usher in a new era of speed, peace and tranquility. And he led the Harborough Concord in promoting excellent spring weekends including a 10 and 25 for trikes and tandems on the Brampton Hut to Thrapston road, with hospitality for the tricyclists at his home in Braybrooke.


I am looking now at the results sheets of one of these weekends – it is the 20th anniversary , for this one was 27th/28th April 1996. If your ear catches Frank’s voice in his note on wingnuts, you will be less surprised at what you read buried in a completely conventional-looking result sheet.

“I hope no one was too offended by the start timekeeper, I know he is a **********, but he is cheap….”

Of a entrant who arrived late and enquired about a late start:

“…He was told it was OK to drag the timekeeper out of the pub for a finishing time, but it was not OK to drag him out for a start”

(That was me – one of my front fork drop-outs had, dropped out….. on the ride over from Norwich and I had had to find an ironmonger to buy jubilee clips and a strip of metal to hold the front wheel in. – FRM)

Of a tandem pair:

“DNF, bits fell off”

Among those listed DNF and DNS one is recorded as “Got Lost”.


All this, I should perhaps point out, in an era before political correctness was not considered quite so important



Looking further ahead please remember these future dates:


Sunday 3rd April 2016

TA East 25     B25/17 Bressingham. Entries £9.50 Mick Madgett 32 Tottington Lane, Roydon, DISS, IP22 5BJ. Followed by run to lunch (Details Ferg Muir 01603 615000)


Saturday 16th April 2016

TA EAST   Meet for coffee at The Bakery, Little Braxted, CM8 3ET near Witham. Lunch: Maldon


Best Wishes to you all

Fergus Muir 01603 615000,

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