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From Ferg Muir


We are just one week away from our next TA EAST MEET – which is on


The Tiptree Jambusters recommended the elevenses venue…..

The Bakery, Witham Road, Little Braxted CM8 3ET …..and as I believe they are connoisseurs of cake-for-cycling, it must be good place. I think the Grid Ref must be TL844136.        Our core time there will be 10.45am to 11.15.


Lunch will be at the Queens Head on the Hythe (the quay) at Maldon. The traditional Thames barges moored here are always a feature. We seem to have been OK here without booking in the past, so we will proceed on that basis.

Postcode is TL857070, national grid ref TL857070.





Glorious spring weather and honours shared between scratch winner Andy Newham (1:07:30) and handicap winner Lez Young (1:10:39).

Afterwards there was someone who had seen the TA website and wanted to try a tike – which was managed without accident.

Then I had to consider if the fastmen would be need me to keep the clubrun on smooth surfaces – but “No – we’ve changed our wheels” they said.

So off we went into the tiny lanes around the northern side one-time Fersfield aerodrome now farmland again, but after WWII the scene of motor racing in 1950, before the choice for a permanent racing venue fell on nearby Snetterton.


At North Lopham King’s Head – a pub with a huge thatched roof and bright hanging baskets – we re-met those whose trikes were already in cars and six of us had an excellent lunchtime of conversation and food before Lez Young waved a magic wand over his GPS which enabled him to perfectly execute the reverse the route back to Bressingham, leading those whose cars were still at the event HQ.

I, meanwhile, dived into the countryside and eventually took advantage of a late-entry cheap ticket to Bressingham Steam Museum – wondering (in vain, as it happened) if I might find our member Sian Charlton in charge of the steam roundabout there.




I am so sorry to report that Brian Johnson of Frinton has died. Our condolences must go to his wife, Iris. What a gap he must leave.


Brian came into tricycling when he was well into middle age but, riding for Colchester Rovers, was soon quite quick in time trials – mainly the longer ones.

Some years later a motor cyclist ran into him and he no longer felt comfortable on a trike – he took up running marathons instead – but he never forgot the TA East and nearly always joined us at our annual summer evening meet at Pin Mill. He was there in July 2015, limping on foot down the lane to be with us, so obviously pleased to see all of us again


Brian and Iris were very active in local politics and both had been Mayor of Frinton in the past. If you “Google” Brian you learn that he led the fight to keep the bright colours of those scallywags Messrs Sainsburys out of the genteel town of Frinton. From that you might think Brian was some sort of Colonel Blimp.

But you could not be more wrong.


Brian was slightly-built, irrepressibly cheerful, almost elf-like, always polite and hugely positive in everything he did.


He was a builder and, after he had suffered serious heart attacks I believe it took some doing to stop him hopping up on his client’s roofs whenever anything needed attending to. As far as I can tell he never retired, though he must have eventually been about eighty.


Strangely, it was not another heart attack, but the sudden and unexpected onset of pancreatic cancer that was the final blow.


It was sad that, after the accident, we never got him back on a trike, but he returned to riding two wheels and, the last time we saw him cycling, at a Thorpe-le-Soken TA Meet, he was still slim and brisk in his riding.


Brian enriched the world in which he lived and it was a privilege to have known him.




Remember that a couple of weeks after the Maldon meet, we have on the Mayday Bank Holiday Weekend, the Sleaford TA East 25 ( Saturday 30th April) with camping at Dunston for the weekend as usual.


Below is the result of the Bressingham 25, lifted from the TA Website

Scratch        Hcp & pos.

1   Andy Newham Lincoln Whrs 1:07:30 1:07:30 3
2 Lez Young  Lincoln Whrs 1:10:39 1:05:54 1
3  Chris Hutchinson Redbridge CC 1:15:22 1:06:52 2
4  Marcus Hopkins King’s Lynn CC 1:16:58 1:11:43 6
5 Gary Guntripp Team Jewson 1:19:14 1:11:14 5
6 Ian Mackenzie Southend Whrs 1:25:11 1:10:26 4
7 Peter Holland Lincoln Whrs 1:29:23 1:19:08 7
8 Martin Badham CC Breckland 1:48:07 1:16:22 8

Best Wishes to you All

Fergus Muir 01603 615000, fergusmuir@btinternet.com


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