To TA East Members & Friends

From Ferg Muir


Coffee will still be at Mr Allards, but Lunch is now at EARL SOHAM


It turns out that the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway Museum is not open that day, so instead lunch will be at

EARL SOHAM “VICTORIA”. This very well respected real-ale venue and Veteran-Cycle Club haunt is about halfway between Debenham and Framlingham.

The Victoria is on the A1120, postcode IP13 7RL. Grid Ref TM231630.

We will still meet for coffee at Mr Allards, Walnut Tree Farm, Stowupland – as stated in the TA Gazette.

Postcode IP14 4BD,   Grid Ref TM074608 – that’s on a country crossroads just a little to the north of Stowupland village.

Our core time there will be 10.20am to 10.50am – a bit earlier than usual so that we can be at Earl Soham soon after noon – as this excellent pub likely to fill up later.


Sorry about this change – I can only plead that I was confused by their website – and have had a sympathetic message from the Mid Suffolk Railway’s Publicity Officer saying:

“Since my last reply I have checked the site and can quite see why you were confused.

I hope to have it fixed soon”.



Last Saturday I attended the first running of a 20 mile sporting time trial in memory of Renny Stirling.

The start-sheet included an outline headed RENNY’S PALMARES including the paragraph:


“He achieved National prominence in 1975 with both tricycle and tandem Competition Records. His 58:28 to win the Tricycle Association Championship not only set a new individual record but led a team whose time has since been improved by less than a minute in the ensuing 38 years. Further tandem and tricycle records followed in 1976.”


I can forward, on request, the start-sheet, with a longer account of Renny’s two-wheeled exploits.


No less than seventy-seven tricycles finished that 1975 trike 25 Stan Spelling Memorial championship on the Burton-on-Trent bypass – I was down at 60th – despite doing 1:11:47            , one of my less-slow rides.

I passed on a photocopy of the result sheet to the event sec of the promoters of the Stirling memorial event – a new club called the Orwell Velo.

They are quite small and widely scattered across East Suffolk and plan their club ride meeting places according to who is available on a particular day, using a smartphone app called Messenger.



I live walking distance from a big Halfords and when my mountain bike suffered a difficult-to-locate problem that locked the back brake I decided to try taking it there.

(Most of the work on my cycles is done by more traditional bike shops – but they are further away and/or don’t do much in MTBs.) Also, Halfords seem to offer something of a walk-in service.


Moreover, I discovered that they offer a drive-train clean for £10.

I suppose I am generous with oil and take machines into a wide range of muddy, dusty places, and in all weathers. The result is a difficult to shift oily morass.

Anyway, they sorted the brake problem, put in a new cable and returned the bike with a transmission looking like new

…..for £22.40p.

That’s astonishing value.  And it saves the embarrassment of expecting serious trike experts to spend time cleaning oily messes.

The question now is – would Halfords baulk the sight of my winter trike?


Hope to see many of you next Saturday for a leisurely morning in the Suffolk lanes.


Best Wishes to you All

Fergus Muir 01603 615000, fergusmuir@btinternet.com


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