TA EAST E-NEWS 15TH August 2016

To TA East members and friends

From Ferg Muir


Essential Points:-


*** Lunchtime Meet at Homersfield this Sunday


*** East Region AGM coming up – Saturday 3rd September


**   2017 TA East 50, 100, 12 Hour – Volunteers needed to run one more of these events


Plus more….



This Sunday – 21ST August 2016


We have four entries for the TA East 50 –

Peter Holland, off at 7.01am followed by Ian Mackenzie, Paul Potter and Lez Young.

Course – Waveney Valley, based at Wortwell Community Hall (Grid ref TM 275850) and turning at Redenhall in the west and Stockton in the east


Afterwards we will meet for lunch at the nearby BLACK SWAN at Homersfield.

A beautiful pub for a summer meet on a green by the River Waveney. Cyclists and walkers can approach across the Listed cast iron bridge over the Waveney, anything heavier has to approach from the south.

Address: Church Lane, Homersfield, Harleston, IP20 0ET. Grid Ref TM 283857

We will probably be there soon after 12.15pm


It is now just under two weeks to the

TA EAST AGM 12.15pm Saturday 3rd September at Tostock Gardner’s Arms, Church Road, Tostock IP30 9BA

Grid Ref TL955636.    Lunches available afterwards.

Please attend to contibute to the future of our Region

Decisions need to be made about 2017 time trials and other matters


2017 TA EAST 50, 100, 12 hr TIME TRIALS

Martin Badham would like to be relieved of running some TA East time trials.

At the moment Martin is event secretary of the TA East 50, the TA East 100 and the TA East 12 Hour.

As Martin has a lot of other jobs, it is an understatement to say that this is a reasonable request.

His other commitments include

TA Regional Chairman & Racing Sec.

Running the CC Breckland 50

Webmaster for the national TA Website

CC Breckland Webmaster

CC Breckland Racing Secretary (including awards secretary)

plus all sorts of jobs that he gets asked to do as extras – like getting all the East District CA engraving done this year.

This year he found juggling the needs of a rare visit from his daughter from Canada, his 90 year old mum, and running the TAE50, all while finding he had partially lost the sight in one eye….was rather a lot to deal with all at one time.

Volunteers needed.



2016 TA EAST 12 Hour – Sunday 4th September – entries close tomorrow….to Martin Badham


(And congratulations to Ian Mackenzie on his 172 miles in the Eastern Counties “12” yesterday)


Looking further ahead: Sunday 2nd October 2016

TA East Autumn 25       E1/25B, £8:50 Michael Keen, 13 Benn Street, London E9 5SU

Accommodation, from Friday evening, Lea Valley CC Hut, Burton End, (The Ash pub), Essex, CM24 8UQ Depending on the weather, a run will happen on Saturday. Dinner cooked up on Saturday evening, by Frida…..(…not “ by Friday” as in the Gazette, even Frida’s time machine skills are not quite up to that)



In the current CYCLING WEEKLY (published Thurs 11th Aug) there is a super photo of long time TA Member Frank Cubis. Frank was tragically killed cycling in London recently.

Frank lived in west London and was a TA Thames Valley member but used to have a holiday home in the Suffolk coast area – in Halesworth, I think

The photo is part of a 4-page feature on his club, the Kingston Phoenix.

Frank was a top trike rider in the early 1970’s and what particularly caught my attention was that it was his proposition, via the Thames Valley committee, that put forward the idea of a National Tricycle Championship 25.

At that time the TA had no national championships as such – the nearest thing was the Bruce Kingsford 50 which moved around to a different Region each year, and, of course there was the Tricycle Trophy 100, also peripatetic, which pre-dates the TA itself.


But from Frank’s proposition came the TA Championship 25, agreed at the 1972 TA AGM and which soon became the Stan Spelling Memorial 25.


Looking forward to meeting TA members and friends at Homersfield on Sunday

Best Wishes to you All

Fergus Muir 01603 615000, fergusmuir@btinternet.com


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