To TA East members and friends

From Ferg Muir


This Saturday – 15th October – we have our early autumn meet in the very heart of Constable Country – meeting for coffee at the

National Trust Tea Room, Flatford, on the River Stour which the artist so often included in his paintings.


If we gather around 10.30am there will be time to look round the small exhibition – showing the viewpoints of some of the most famous paintings.

Then we will leave soon after 11am and end up, not far away, for lunch at the

Hare & Hounds, Heath Road,    East Bergholt   CO7 6RL.


I called in after the Ipswich BC grass-track meeting and found them quietly welcoming – really a very comfortable feel about the pub – and its garden.

They say that even if we don’t book, we will be fed eventually. So, rather than try and tie people down, I am going for that option

We rarely find Saturday lunchtimes busy.

Forecast looks quite good. Hope lots of you will come to this quintessentially English place.


Flatford (Grid Ref TM076333) and the Hare & Hounds (TM077354) are about one-third of the way from Colchester to Ipswich, as the crow flies.



A good time seems to have been had at the


Here is Martin Badham’s report:

Stanstead Mountfichet, Essex;      Friday 30th September – 2nd October 2016:


Driving from the roundabout hovering above the M11 through Burton End, I spotted a chap walking along the road.

With cars before and behind me. I couldn’t stop and it was only a couple of hundred yards to the Ash so I turned into the track end, unfastened the chain and waited for Mick Henighan to catch me up. I then drove up the track, Mick deposited his rucksack in the hut porch and we returned down the track to lunch at the Ash.

Having eaten, we started back along the track to find Adrian Hills approaching us. About turn for another pint while Adrian dined.

Finally back to the hut to meet Ian and Alan Hedges who had the kettle on. Settled in, we chatted away and shortly we were joined by Michael Keen and Peter Holland.


A foraging party was sent out for fish and chips, which went down well with cider or beer. At an advanced hour of the evening we headed for our bunks, rising to break our fast and prepare .for the expedition to the Queens Head at Allens Green.


After lunch, we returned through the Hadhams to welcome Lez Young and Frida Wezel. Frida then set about final preparations for the evening meal, which involved peeling loads of potatoes. Meanwhile, the rest of us not pressed into service got ourselves ready for an early start in the morning. Ian and Kay Bailey arrived and we were told to sit at the table to be served with a delicious goulash with bubble-and-squeak. After second helpings, Frida brought out her pear and ginger tart, backed up by a pear and sultana tart which went down well with lashings of custard.


Early to bed, but the awakening was earlier than expected…. as Martin, who was on a top bunk, getting up for a visit to the loo and aiming for the stepladder, being of a short stature, he was hanging on the rail at the bottom of the bunk with his toe just reaching the step, when he realised that the rail holding the steps together was on the wrong side of his leg. Adjusting his position, he let go of the rail to find the steps collapsing beneath him. Following the steps, he managed to wake the dorm, before heading out on his mission. With no immediate damage visible, all returned to a short sleep before the official reveille in order to get the “Comet” 25 under way.


A welcome cup of tea before we headed to the other Lea Valley hut “Race Headquarters” where Michael’s brother Don was slaving over a hot stove preparing bacon sarnies. The Stumps Cross marshalling party drove up the course and decorated the roundabout with Hi-vis-clad bodies for the 90 bicyclists and 10 tricyclists to turn left, and later, turn right on their way to the finish.


Among the three-wheeled competitors, Ian Pike became a worthy winner of the Jack Covington trophy, which will be presented at the Eastern Region luncheon on 5th February 2017 at the Manger in Bradfield Combust. Boyd Nicholas came second with Mark Vowells third. Ian also gets the 1st Handicap medal.

After more tea at the race headquarters, several of us repaired to the Comet hut to lunch on left-over goulash and bubble-and-squeak, before many fond goodbyes and the journey home.


Martin Badham

Footnote: Martin didn’t escape completely unscathed from his nocturnal adventures as his second toe, which was stubbed in the fall, is now a beautiful red.


Scratch Results of the TA East October 25:


1 Ian Pike                    Fenland RC 1:07:35

2 Boyd Nicholas          West Suffolk Whrs 1:09:22

3 Mark Vowells           CC Bexley 1:09:42

4 Geoff Booker           Oxonian CC 1:11:09

5 Lez Young                Lincoln Whrs CC 1:11:48

6 Sid Charlton             Lincoln Whrs CC 1:15:58

7 Peter Holland           Lincoln Whrs CC 1:20:59

8 Mark Brooking         Willesden CC 1:23:13

9 Jane Moore             Willesden CC 1:23:53

10 Ian Mackenzie       Southend Whrs 1:27:09



Look forward to seeing many of you at Flatford on Saturday

Best Wishes

Fergus Muir 01603 615000, fergusmuir@btinternet.com


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