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To TA East members and friends

From Ferg Muir


Here, thanks to our members and hosts Mike Keen and Frida Wezel, are the details of one of the highlights of the TA EAST year – the weekend in west Essex at one of the Lea Valley CC clubhuts:


The Hut Weekend

Friday 17th to Sunday 19th March 2017


The Hut, Burton End, Nr Stansted, behind the Ash PH. CM24 8UQ. OS TL 532237


The Hut will be open from Friday afternoon. Around 7:30pm a takeaway supper will be sourced.

On Saturday we will be up sharp for breakfast at 8:30ish.

Leave the Hut at 9:30ish

Elevenes will be at the café in High Roding, OS grid ref. TL 603177. I have to confirm with the new owners.

Lunch will be in the Black Lion, High Roding, it’s just a half mile south. But there is a 5 mile loop for those who wish.

Dinner at the Hut, cooked up by Frida with our Help.


Sunday, Breakfast at about 9am,

Leave the Hut at about 10.30

Lunch will be at The Prince of Wales, Green Tye, OS TL 444184

Return to the Hut for tea and cakes.


Neither pub needs a confirmed booking, but would like some idea of numbers.

So you can just turn up to meet us if you wish.

They both do a straightforward range of grub, from light meals to a full lunch.


We will provide breakfast, but if you have dietary requirements, let me know.

We can provide some bedding and towels, especially for those tricycling to the hut.

We also supply milk and bread, etc,

but gifts of alcohol are always welcome.


My contact mobile is 07910 332294



Michael Keen



Roger Alma reminds me that the Spring TA Gazette closes for press on Tuesday 14th March, so plans for TA EAST social events in May, June and July must be laid by then.

If you would like to make a contribution to our programme please contact me – contact details at the foot of this newsletter



The great nephew of the Miller of Messing Maypole Mill has sent the latest newsletter of the Eroica Britannia weekend.  (That’s our member and Tiptree Jambuster Les King). I don’t think there is link but I’m sure he will forward a newsletter to you if you ask him :

It’s in Derbyshire on the weekend of 16-18 June 2017and the website is



 I’m pleased to hear that Paul Wilsher has just been signed off by the orthopedic surgeon and will be allowed on his trike six weeks from now.

Meantime he is on the turbo-trainer and is drinking Cravendale longlife milk and having lots of yoghurt to strengthen his bones.



Warning – this item will probably not be enjoyed by the squeamish or vegetarians

 On the Road to the TA Midland Lunch

A Drama in the Space of Three Seconds


It was early last month. The clubrun to the TA Midland Region Lunch had enjoyed coffee at Hilliers Garden Centre at Dunnington, high above Alcester on the Worcestershire/Warwickshire border.


I was the last to leave, but only by a hundred yards or so. My trike drifted down to Dunnington crossroads where I turned left to follow the clubrun.

This junction is a wide, slightly staggered crossroads on the former Dunnington Heath, with a simply huge chequerboard placed there to discourage dozy motorists from trying to drive straight across. It is a quiet spot now, but until the building of the Salford Priors bypass it was the meeting of two “A” roads, one of them the Birmingham to Evesham highway – hence the roads are quite wide.


I turned left, straightened up and set to catch up to the trike in front.


At this point the three-second drama begins.


A tiny grey animal scampered across the road from my right – a mouse or a vole or a shrew, Most likely a shrew. It was very small and its feet were going at a tremendous rate.


I think it became aware of me and the trike because it swept round to its right to return to the side of the road it had just left. Not the sudden reversal of direction that can be so disastrous if a panicking rabbit or squirrel has just nipped past your front wheel, but following a sweeping parabola.


But there was a car coming towards us. The shrew kept going. I held my breath. It looked as if the car would JUST pass in front of the animal. But no, somehow it was flying, about three feet in the air, to the right of the driver’s door.


Next came the astonishing climax.

As the creature fell to earth a crow dropped into the corner of my vision and seized the shrew and was off. The poor thing’s body hardly hit the tarmac.


Then all was quiet.  I pedalled down the road to my roast beef at the King’s Court Hotel.

I suppose the crow flew off to have fresh shrew in a field


So …was this pure chance? Or are birds like crows patrolling above us as we ride, waiting to pounce. Perhaps the bird had had his beady eye on the animal from the moment it set out on its hazardous crossing. Only a bearded human on three wheels nearly got in the way.


I’m aware of serious research that shows that much of the road-kill that accumulates on busy roads at night is cleared by natural scavengers within an hour or two of dawn…..but the speed of the conclusion this incident took my breath away.


As for the shrew, if a shrew it was, the only comfort is that – I learn as I read it up now – these tiny animals only live for about a year at best. And apparently they don’t taste very nice.




Best wishes to you All

Fergus Muir 01603 615000,

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