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From Ferg Muir


Two things competing for headline news:


Our traditional PIN MILL meet is on Thursday 1st June – more on that below



REPORT ON THE TA EAST 100 at FAKENHAM, Saturday 20th May


A big effort by East Region members , headed by event secretary Martin Badham, made this possible

Jane Moore, Lez Young, Peter Holland and Ian Mackenzie were entered and all started.

We gathered at Sculthorope Village Hall in the late morning in pleasant but quite windy weather, together with the first arrivals among the 67 bike competitors – many from a triathlon background – whose event started one hour after ours.


After all four trikies had set out to ride down to the start together, I joined Martin as he drove round the 33 mile circuit, ready to be dropped off if there was problem.


At Hillington we found Chris Hutchinson already setting up to do a double job as he was also keeping Jane supplied and hydrated during the long ride. After explaining about the event to a friendly chap painting his house, we found Geoff Morse, the other half of the marshalling team joining us.

Taking a quick photo of the railway station – closed 1959 but still very recognisable- we headed on  to Gayton where William Sargeant and Don Saunders were already planning how to manage this difficult junction.


Carrying on over the wide open spaces of Massingham Heath we noticed a photographer setting up, and realised later that this was Rod Gathercole, whose photos can be seen on the TA Facebook page.


At the B1145/A1065 junction Steve Bullas from Swaffham and Sian Charlton from Lowestoft were all ready – and in fact their enthusiastic North Norfolk Wheeler relief was also just arriving.


And so back to Sculthorpe Village Hall.


The trike riders – and all the competitors,  faced a hard headwind ride to Hillington where they turned left – and found it was even harder on the leg towards Gayton.

There was a tailwind on the later sections, but these were also better sheltered by trees. One could have wished it the other way round.


Lez Young was soon well ahead of the trike field – in fact he was through on his second lap before I started taking photos at the finish of the first lap (34 miles)

Jane (started 11.04) was the first I saw at 12.59, with Peter (11.01) next at 13.00 with Ian (11.02) passing about five minutes later.


Also riding by was William S, still a stylist as he took his  trike and Century Road Club vest on a trial lap before heading off to camp near the coast.

Although I was lucky to stay dry, there were some heavy rain showers about which caught some competitors and not others.

Pete and Ian eventually climbed off but Lez swept down the final glorious downwind hill into Hempton to record 5:35:20.


Back at the HQ I was talking to Jasmijn Muller (4:24 for the 100 on a bike),  who is attacking the women’s bicycle End-to-End record this summer, and was  learning that she had already consulted Jane, the tricycle record-holder,  when Jane rode in, having finished in 6:15:48.


Quite soon Jasmijn was being initiated into tricycle riding – being guided round the car park on Jane’s trike by Chris Hutchinson


Ian Mackenzie had obviously notice the pub at Weasenham while racing and he spontaneously proposed that the remaining trike competitors and marshals might eat there on the way home.

The Weasenham pub turned out to be fully booked but the trike convoy headed into the historic village of Castle Acre where The Ostrich took up the challenge of feeding us in its ancient and barn-like restaurant.


Finally, in gathering dusk, we said goodbye and headed east, south and west to our various homes.            

Here is a pocket version of Martin’s Result Sheet:

TA (East) Awards Scratch

Fastest: TA Medal

Lez Young Lincoln Wheelers CC 5:35:20

Handicap Fastest: TA Medal

Lez Young Lincoln Wheelers CC 5:35:20


DNF Peter Holland  Lincoln Wheelers CC

DNF Ian Mackenzie  Southend Wheelers

Congratulations to Lez on his win of both scratch and handicap awards.


It was a hard day with sunshine and showers, some of them hard, and the course is not for the faint hearted. Three quarters of the trike field, with some marshalls adjourned to the “Ostrich” in Castle Acre for a meal before heading home. How many events does that happen in?

Medals will be presented at the National Reunion in Warwick on October 28th 2017 or, for those not attending the Reunion, at the Eastern Luncheon at The Manger, Bradwell Combust on February 4th 2018.


My grateful thanks are due to the Nigel Walsh and the marshalls, catering staff and officials of the North Norfolk Wheelers for allowing us to run our event alongside their event which has returned to the calendar. Also thanks to William Sargeant, Sian Charlton, Geoff Morse, Chris Hutchinson, Don Saunders, Steve Bullas and Ferg Muir from the TA for turning up to marshall the trikes, an hour before the bike event. It was the first open time trial for Nigel and his crew and they did a brilliant job.



The next TA EAST MEET is our evening meet at The BUTT & OYSTER, PIN MILL near Ipswich on THURSDAY 1st JUNE, from about  7pm onwards.

(This event somehow escaped being listed in the Spring TA Gazette)


To find PIN MILL go to Chelmondiston village on the B1456, about 6 mls SE of Ipswich. Once there, turn north to drop down to the waterside hamlet of Pin Mill.       Grid ref is TM205380 Postcode: IP9 1JW


DAVE HUFFEY – I tried to vist Dave 10 days ago, but found that he has had a stroke and is in hospital in Colchester. At the moment that is all I know.


It is not long now until the TA GAZETTE  closes for press on 13th June.

So if you have any offers of help with TA East meets in the second half of the summer do please get in touch.

Best Wishes to you All

Ferg Muir 01603 615000, fergusmuir@btinternet.com


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