To TA East members & friends

From Ferg Muir


Following the success of our 2016 December meet, which was in an  “Elevenses Only” format, we will once again meet just for Elevenses on:



at Cafe Como Street Farm, The Street, Brent Eleigh, CO10 9NU.

Grid Ref  is TL 943478

That, I believe, is on the OLD road through the village – if you stick to the main A1141  you will bypass it and risk starvation and loneliness.

Website:  http://www.cafecomo.co.uk/

The morning only meet seems to suit the way we all tend to be so busy at this time of year


So there is no official run to lunch…….. though any members who wish can obviously choose to continue together on the day.  If you are so inclined, do bring a map, as I expect I will be heading home after coffee.

I suggest our core time at Cafe Como will be 10.30 – 11am.


(I hardly dare mention it, but Brent Eleigh, though a small village, does also include the characterful Brent Eleigh Cock real ale pub….which I have always considered a bit small for even the TA East, but might well be able to fit in the odd dedicated three-wheeled drinker)



Sadly, the day before our meet will be the

Funeral of former TA London East and TA East Member Albert Gravenor


Albert, who was 82, first appears in TA results in 1963 as a member of the Unity CC, recording 2:29 52 in the TA Thames Valley 50 in June and improving that to 2:27:45 in the Bruce Kingsford 50 in August.

From the early 1970s he was in the Bishop Stortford CC and much later moved to Sheringham.

In the early ‘90s he was a member of the CC Breckland tricycle team that contested the CCB Four-up Team Time Trial against four trikes from the Norfolk Road Club.


Albert’s funeral will be at Cromer Crematorium, 3pm on Friday 8th December



Best Wishes to You All

Ferg Muir 01603 615000, fergusmuir@btinternet.com


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