To TA East members & friends

From Ferg Muir


Here is a brief edition, mainly as I thought members would wish to know that unfortunately


faces a rather serious operation at Ipswich Hospital tomorrow morning  (Friday 2nd Feb).


He has broken again the hip which he first broke almost exactly a year ago.  A second repair is going to be a difficult matter – it is expected to be a four hour operation.


I’m sure he will be in the thoughts of many of us.


Paul came off his tricycle – late at night, on a hill,  on the Monks-Eleigh to Hadleigh road – while returning from a long days ride. He does not believe any other vehicle was involved.


Anyway, he is in Martlesham Ward (an ultra-clean unit I believe) at the Ipswich Hospital.

Presumably he will be incommunicado tomorrow, but I will try to bring some news to the TA Lunch.




So….. THE TA EAST LUNCH this Sunday at Bradfield Combust.


We have 28 booked so far. There will be an opportunity to congratulate Tony and Lynn Hall on their recent marriage – they fly back from honeymoon tomorrow


To join us …..there is still just time to book – ring Martin on 01603-897738 or email



Appetizer at Lavenham, as previously advertised.


Looking forward to seeing you


  1. I’m pleased to say Paul Willsher has just rung me .
    He came out of the Recovery Room at 5pm. I presume still in Martlesham Ward
    Either he or the phone line was a bit blurry, but he sounded otherwise OK
    Has lost rather a lot of blood. May have a blood transfusion later
    Has a morphine button to press when it hurts.
    He says he would be able to reach his mobile if it rings.
    I will try to ring tomorrow to get an update before our lunch

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