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From Ferg Muir


I’m afraid things seem to be going down holes in the TA East world



The holes in this case are holes in the road surface on the course.


The 100 was due to be held on Sat 19th May in conjunction with the North Norfolk Wheelers 100.

However Nigel Walsh, organiser of the NNWhs 100 checked the course and reported it:

“ unsafe due to surface breakup (following the hard winter). This will not be repaired by the 19th May…….”

And, after taking advice from CTT District Chairman Don Saunders (who, as it happens, is a TA member) Nigel decided that cancellation was the only reasonable decision. 




Also going down a hole was our chairman, Martin Badham.  He was riding through a muddy  puddle – or minor flood in a narrow lane  – and dropped his offside wheel into a deep hole.


I am assured by Dave Cannon, who was with him, that Martin went over the handlebars with perfect grace


Martin sustained a big wound on his shin and leg. He insists that this was inflicted by his brake lever, which ended up in his shoe……..


From then on the story gets rather less of a joke.

Martin, who was with three companions from the weekly Reepham cyclists gathering, got extremely muddy getting himself onto the bank/verge.


The water in the puddle looked, I understand,  most unattractive.


A passing Anglian Water crew helped with first aid, and the decision was taken to call an ambulance.


Ambulance Control made regular phone contact,  but It was six hours later, by which time it was dark,  that the ambulance actually arrived.


Martin was patched up OK at the hospital. But the wound went bad and there has been a course of antibiotics – which seem to have worked but,  a fortnight later, he was still having to visit his local surgery every few days for the dressings to be changed.


We wish him well for a good recovery.




We had glorious weather for this and as well as the Tiptree Tandems, Nick Beavins came along on the trike that formerly belonged to Roy Prockter and we met John Freeman and his wife. John is a keen bicyclist who has run into a balance problem.


But he has found it really difficult to shake off his bicycling instincts and get the hang of riding a trike, despite careful help from Chris Hutchinson.


There is an astonishingly wide spectrum of experiences in this respect – Some really struggle while others hop on a trike and wonder what all the fuss is about.


This contrast was highlighted for me by a recent encounter…..



I was reporting on the CC London Road Race and my TA hat was spotted by Mike who introduced himself. We soon discovered that we had both ridden the 1975 Stan Spelling Memorial 25.


In that event the N London-based Glade CC made a determined assault . Rennie Stirling won in the 59:28 and the their three-man team broke team competition record with 3 hours 0 mins 22 secs – still to be seen on p257 of the 2018 CTT Handbook. Mike and Stu Norris were the other team members.


What I did not know before was that Mike had almost no experience of riding, let alone racing, a trike before that ride at Alweras.  He told me he had only had a nine mile (or was it nine minute?) try-out, before facing the timekeeper.


So – there we are – two people – two different ends of the “trike conversion specrum”



Best Wishes to you All

Ferg Muir; 01603 615000,

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