To TA East members & friends

From Ferg Muir


Next weekend   That’s the 5th/6th/7th October we have


Eastern Region Autumn 25 and “Comet Hut” Weekend


The following details are adapted from the TA Facebook page.

The Eastern Region Autumn 25 takes place, in conjunction with the Lea Valley CC’s “Comet 25” on 7th October.

Competitors, marshals and friends are warmly welcome to stay the weekend at the “Comet” hut in Burton End. The hut will be open from mid- afternoon on Friday for a Fish & Chip supper.


 Michael Keen will lead a club-run on Saturday to a local hostelry for lunch, returning to sample Frida’s masterpiece from the kitchen. The 25 takes place on the E1/ 25 on Sunday morning, bring your own breakfast or enjoy Don Keen’s bacon sarnies at the other Lea Valley hut.


 If you’re not racing, please note that marshals will be particularly welcomed, especially in the far corners of the course.


More information can be had from Michael in Mattishall on 01362 288944 or at the hut on 07498 297373.



A week later – 13th/14th October – there is the Lincoln Wheelers Trikes and Tandems weekend.


If anyone has any details for putting in TA East E-News, please let me have them.


Congratulations to Lincoln Whs team on lowering the



This was in the Leo 30 near Newmarket – the first time was in the CC Breckland 30.


The Lincoln Wheelers trio of Andy Newham, Ian Pike and Dan Linstead carved nearly another 10 minutes off of their own 30 mile Trike Team Competition Record, bringing it down to 3:29:47 (1:07:00; 1:07:27, 1:15:20). 



Going rather more slowly –and with less wheels –

LES & GILL from Tiptree are just back from WALES which they explored on their  tandem


You can read their account of their doings at



Attached to this Edition should be the

TA East Autumn programme.


There is room for an additional Meet in October if anyone is willing to lead one.


Because, as well as my reporting commitments,  I am currently visiting my elderly brother in Bedfordshire quite frequently, I could not find a suitable date without clashing with either the Lincoln Weekend or the National Reunion Dinner weekend




It was good to hear that both Gordon Biggs and his brother were able to meet Ian Mackenzie at elevenses – I know work often prevents them joining in with our runs


My apologies for only putting out one notification of this event – I will try to do better in the future.


Now – as Zebedee said :- it is Time for Bed.


Best Wishes to you All

Ferg Muir: 01603 615000, fergusmuir@btinternet.com


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