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2019 Results

 Tricycle Association North Eastern Region 15 mile time trial
 Bernard Wood Memorial 15
 Sunday 28th April
Pos’nNameClubTimeHcp TimeHcp Posn
1 Ian Pike Lincoln Wheelers CC36:5536:5510
2Andy NewhamLincoln Wheelers CC37:3937:3911
3 Steve BrownTA (North Eastern 39:2933:596
4Lez YoungLincoln Wheelers CC 41:38 35:588
5Gary WrightLincoln Wheelers CC 41:43 33:237
6Ken TriggerCrewe Clarion Wheelers 47:32 33:5912
7Paul MartinSouth Pennine RC 48:10 36:509
8Alan ShuttlewothWeaver Valley CC 48:29 32:594
9David HardyLeicester Forest CC 51:37 31:372
10Brian MooreTA (North Western) 52:53 33:235
11James LawleyBarrow Central Wheelers 53:10 31:251
12Ian MackenzieSouthend Wheelers 53:37 32:573
DNFPeter MartinTA (Eastern)  
 Tricycle Association Eastern Region 25 mile time trial
 Sunday 4th May
Event cancelled due to adverse weather conditions
 Tricycle Association South Eastern Region 25 mile time trial
 Bill Finch Memorial 25
 Sunday 28th April
Pos’nNameClubTimeHcp TimeHcp Posn
1 Mark Vowells CC Bexley1:04:591:04:146
2Lez YoungLincoln Wheelers CC1:11:451:03:154
3 Richard BaileyRedhill CC 1:20:0259:323
4Peter HollandLincoln Wheelers CC 1:26:16 57:161
5Ian MackenzieSouthend Wheelers 1:34:55 1:12:258
6Terry FernThanet RC 1:41:25 58:252
7Adrian HillsLewes Wanderers CC 1:45:25 1:03:255
8Trevor OliverSan Fairy Ann CC 1:52:57 1:07:577
Ian PikeLincoln Wheelers CC  
Paul BlackerCC Bexley   
 Tricycle Association Eastern Region 25 mile time trial
 Sunday 7th April
Pos’nNameClubTimeHcp TimeHcp Posn
1 Les Young Lincoln Wheelers CC1:12:391:05:591
2Gary GuntripA5 Rangers1:25:271:14:274
3 Peter HollandLincoln Wheelers CC 1:29:401:06:402
4Ian MackenzieSouthend Wheelers 1:39:37 1:11:173
David MasonLincoln Wheelers CC Puncture  
Ian PikeLincoln Wheelers CC  
 Tricycle Association North Western Region 10 mile time trial
 Saturday 23rd March
Pos’nNameClubTimeHcp TimeHcp Posn
1 Les Young Lincoln Wheelers CC29:0922:167
2Gary WrightLincoln Wheelers CC29:2522:258
3 Ken TriggerCrewe Clarion Wheelers 31:5516:531
4Gary GuntripA5 Rangers CC 32:33 22:479
5Paul MartinSouth Pennine RC32:4823:4111
6 Jack BrownGlossop Kinder Velo CC 33:2919:042
7Dennis HornbyWeaver Valley CC 33:51 20:015
8Malc MacAllisterSeamons CC34:3219:224
9 Peter HollandLincoln Wheelers CC 34:4920:466
10Vic TriggerCrewe Clarion Wheelers 34:55 23:3710
11Norman FennTricycle Assn (NW)35:3919:113
12 Brian MooreTricycle Assn (NW) 38:1724:5712
13Jim LawleyBarrow Central Wheelers 40:04 25:2513
 Midlands VTTA 15 mile time trial
 Saturday 6th April
Pos’nNameClubTimeHcp TimeHcp Posn
28 Geoff Booker Oxonian CC44:22
30Ken TriggerCrewe Clarion Whrs51:04
31 Graham Coulson TA (Midlands)53:03
32Vic TriggerCrewe Clarion Whrs55:05
33 Norman Fenn Team Echelon57:23
34Malcolm TimmisBromsgrove Olympique CC1:05:58
 Maidenhead & D Hilly 29 mile time trial
 Sunday 3rd March
Pos’nNameClubTimeHcp TimeHcp Posn
17 Mark Silver Hounslow & D Whrs1:49:37
18Gary GuntripA5 Rangers CC2:18:38
 Tricycle Association (South Western Region) 25 mile time trial
 Distance reduced to 12.3 miles due to road-works
 Sunday 24th February
Pos’nNameClubTimeHcp TimeHcp Posn
1 Gary Guntrip A5 Rangers CC44:1544:154
2Jim MontgomerieRevo Racing44:2537:321
3 Ian MatthewsTeam Tor 200/ KALAS 44:5938:062
4Malcolm WatersHampshire RC 45:50 38:273
Michael GelderTA (South Western)  

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