To TA East members & friends

From Ferg Muir

First of all let me 


We must count our blessings in that even in these most difficult times we are able to ride out for exercise. 

It has been a year in which the TA FACEBOOK PAGE has really proved its worth, with a constant stream of tricycling news and comment – with a particular highlight being accounts by East Region member Mike Smith of his tricycle camping excursion to North Norfolk..

This was brought home to me just now when I discovered how far I had to scroll back through newer items to find Martin Badham’s post about the funeral of

IAN MACKENZIE, an item posted only three days previously.

This post has details of the commemorative page that has been that has been established by Ian’s family – which can be accessed from this link

Ian William Mackenzie, Obituary – Funeral Guide  Everyone can contribute to this 

Ian’s son Richard tells us:

“The funeral is on the 4th Jan at Southend Crematorium, but with the current restrictions, it is invite only. 

When the whole Covid is over we are planning to have an event to celebrate his life”. 

The news of Ian’s death and the revelation that that the cause was Motor Neurone Disease was a shock indeed.

We send our condolences to his family and in particular to his wife Vivienne who I think I last saw at the TA 90th Anniversary Dinner 

Ian was a regular supporter of TA Meets in the southern part of our Region riding considerable distances to be with us, even when he had to make a quick return to cook for Vivienne during her periods of ill-health.

Ian was a keen racing rider – 15 times winner of the 12 Hour Cup of his club, the Southend Wheelers, for instance. When the road racing authorities introduced Police Accredited Marshals Ian was an early volunteer – I became used to meeting him at Essex road races when I was doing press write-ups. 

And when the vacancy arose he took on being TA East Captain (South), introducing new coffee and lunch venues from his knowledge of Essex roads.

To say that Ian will be much missed is an understatement.


Although firmly a TA SOUTH WEST REGION member JIM PITT was fondly 

remembered by several East members, in particular those who travelled to the weekends he organized around the TA SW 50. When Jim, a Charlotteville CC member took on running the classic Charlotteville 50 on the Hampshire/Surrey border he ran a trike 50 alongside the bike event. 

For the TA Jim found a pub near the course that had a campsite and did meals, so making possible some really memorable weekends featuring great company, lovely scenery and a fast racing course.

Sadly Jim was killed on his tricycle in 2019 and finally a court report has appeared.


The lorry driver’s sentence is in contrast to the  five years in prison, not suspended, that was imposed on the driver who ran into and killed former 12 Hour Champion Zak Carr when he was cycling near Norwich a few years ago.  One wonders why. 

(One factor would be the Guilty plea, enabling the hearing to be before Magistrates)


To turn to happier things……I found it quite confusing last weekend when Boxing Day was on the Saturday, but the Bank Holiday was on Monday 28th, but I was certainly glad to be able to get a letter in the post and, as I understand it collected by Royal Mail, on 26th.

I looked back in my diaries to the last time this happened was on Monday 28th December 2015, when, as it happened,  several TA East members attended the Veteran-Cycle Club evening meet at Rushall near Diss.

Currently being short of contributions for TA East E-News,   (HINT)   I thought the tale of this ride was worth re-telling:


It was past 10 at night and four of us were returning northwards after a convivial evening meet, well filled with food and beer. 

In the photo are Martin Badham (L) and Dave Cannon leaving the pub

The Norfolk lanes were deserted. There was a moon, a tailwind and we had the sort of wonderful lights that were just becoming available at that time. 

Two of us were on trikes and two on bikes. 

At first we were sensible. We rode with each trike alongside a bike, but after some reshuffle I ended up at the front with Martin, now our Regional Sec  alongside – on his 750mm Trykit. 

As I said, there was no other traffic about, so it did not seem worth rearranging ourselves. 

Then Dave Townsend’s voice came from behind “I can see a Boadicea Moment coming up” spoken  in the sort of resigned voice used by people who know that life in the company of their TA friends is seldom dull.

We knew what he meant – Boadicea (or Boudicca) our East Anglian Queen of the Iceni is portrayed in her statue on the Embankment near the Houses of Parliament in a war chariot with scythes rotating on the wheel-hubs.  https://www.flickr.com/photos/locosteve/6914861564

I must say though, that these scythes are nothing to the magnificent gold ( painted, I suppose) ones on Boadicea’s chariot  in the St Albans Pageants* of my youth, acted out by a thousand local actors among the ruins of Verulamium, the Roman city she burnt to the ground in 61AD.

However our tricycles did not come together. Our spokes remained intact.  I threw back a comment along the lines of “Been there, done that” – for indeed we had once ripped spokes out of each other’s wheels… in the middle of the Fens, on the way home from Loughborough on the way back from the 1973 TA National Reunion.

I do actually own a pair of splendid wing nuts which came with various spares for my tandem trike when I acquired it many years ago. But I have never had the chutzpah to use them.

But that 2015 Bank Holiday evening was the first time I heard of a Boadicea Moment as applied to tricycling.


*A pageant was a sort of mass-participation mobile play or cavalcade, with scenes representing moments from history.  


 (With the Region currently in Level Four Covid Restrictions, you will not be surprised that there are no immediate plans for TA EAST Meets)

Best Wishes to You All

Ferg Muir


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