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  • Dave Mason (Apr11) 25
    Dave Mason - Tricycle Association (Eastern Region) Spring 25 - 11/04/21

Photographs courtesy of Ferg Muir, Martin Purser, Chris Hutchinson and Davey Jones.

2021 Results

Sunday 3rd OctoberEastern Region 25 mile time trial “Jack Covington Memorial” Trophy
Pos’nNameClubTimeHcp TimeHcp Posn
1Mark VowellsSan Fairy Ann Ltd.1:06:1949:083
2Lez YoungLincoln Wheelers CC1:16:5443:461
3Sid CharltonLincoln Wheelers CC1:17:4645:542
DNS (apol)Michael KeenLea Valley CC
Sunday 19th SeptemberSouth Eastern Region 25 mile time trial “Mike Ducker Memorial” Trophy
Pos’nNameClubTimeHcp TimeHcp Posn
1Ian PikeLincoln Wheelers CC1:03:441:03:445
2Mark VowellsSan Fairy Ann CC Ltd1:04:111:02:414
3Sid CharltonLincoln Wheelers CC1:14:0859:082
4Lez YoungLincoln Wheelers CC1:15:301:06:306
5Keith BurdenSpinwheels Team1:20:1559:453
6Richard BaileyRedhill CC1:25:291:08:597
7Lauren PikeLincoln Wheelers CC1:29:4856:481
Saturday 18th SeptemberNorth Western Region 10 mile time trial “Cumbrian 10” Trophy
Pos’nNameClubTimeHcp TimeHcp Posn
1Alan ShuttleworthWeaver Valley CC30:2617:582
2Victor TriggerCrewe Clarion Wheelers30:4618:073
3Brian MooreTA (NW) Region31:2416:341
4Terry Rush-MorganLancashire RC33:02NQT
Saturday 11th SeptemberNorth Eastern Region 25 mile time trial “Bernard Wood” Trophy and “Jack Riley” Handicap Trophy
Pos’nNameClubTimeHcp TimeHcp Posn
1Les YoungLincoln Wheelers CC1:14:371:14:372
2Sid CharltonLincoln Wheelers CC 1:15:491:11:491
3Chris GoodeYorkshire Coast Clarion1:15:531:14:533
4Alan ShuttleworthWeaver Valley CC1:23:251:17:354
DNSPaul MarkeyTA (NE Region)
Sunday 5th SeptemberMaidenhead & District CC
29.5 mile time trial
 Nominated by the Thames Valley Region for one of their TT League rides
15Sid CharltonLincoln Wheelers CC1:33:57
17Geoff BookerOxonian CC1:37:52
18Lez YoungLincoln Wheelers CC1:38:59
Monday 30th AugustNorth Eastern Regional 15 mile time trial “Turner Shield” & “Henderson Handicap Cup”
Pos’nNameClubTimeHcp TimeHcp Posn
1Lez YoungLincoln Wheelers CC42:3041:001
2Wayne BakerTeam Echelon42:5642:563
3Sid CharltonLincoln Wheelers CC44:2442:542
4Alan ShuttleworthWeaver Valley CC48:5743:274
5Brian MooreTricycle Association (NW)54:5445:245
Tandem Tricycle Event
Ian Pike (Solo with “Miss Piggy”) Lincoln Wheelers CC 39:15
DNS (apol)Gary Wright Lincoln Wheelers CC
DNS (apol)Colin Dickens Yorkshire Coast Clarion
Saturday 7th AugustNorth Eastern Regional 10 mile time trial incorporating the National Championship 10 Jenny Noad Memorial Trophy; Mike Dixie Memorial Trophy
Pos’nNameClubTimeHcp TimeHcp Posn
1Wayne BakerTeam Echelon29:1129:114
2Chris GoodeYorkshire Coast Clarion 29:4425:441
3Lez YoungLincoln Wheelers CC29:4527:152
4Alan ShuttleworthWeaver Valley CC32:5528:553
DNS (apol)Sid CharltonLincoln Wheelers CCCovid Self Isolation
DNS (apol)Paul MartinSouth Pennine RC
Sunday 11th JulySouth Eastern Regional 50 mile time trial  Stan Spelling Memorial Trophy
1Mark VowellsSan Fairy Ann CC Ltd2:20:53
Saturday 10th July BDCA 50 mile time trial Bruce Kingsford Memorial Trophy
48Sid CharltonLincoln Wheelers CC2:27:26
50Alan ShuttleworthWeaver Valley 2:33:20
Saturday 3rd JulyNorth Western Regional 25 mile time trial incorporating the National Championship 25 Stan Spelling Memorial Trophy; Albert Crimes Memorial Trophy
Pos’nNameClubTimeHcp TimeHcp Posn
1Wayne BakerTeam Echelon1:13:0343:211
2Alan ShuttleworthWeaver Valley 1:20:4546:552
3Paul MartinSouth Pennine RC1:22:0049:034
4Brian MooreTA (North Western) 1:27:2447:023
DNSSid CharltonLincoln Wheelers CC
Sunday 27th JulyVC Cumbria 25 mile time trial
1Alan ShuttleworthWeaver Valley1:21:31
2Brian MooreTA North Western Region1:30:31
 Saturday 26th JuneSevern RC 10 mile time trial Cancelled/ Postponed due to roadworks on course
Saturday 19th JuneSouth Eastern Regional 10 mile time trial 
Pos’nNameClubTimeHcp TimeHcp Posn
1Ian PikeLincoln Wheelers CC24:2324:233
2Mark VowellsSan Fairy Ann CC Ltd25:4024:554
3Wayne BakerTeam Echelon28:2122:212
4Richard BaileyRedhill CC31:1425:146
5Andy McCallThanet RC31:4124:565
6Adrian HillsEastbourne Rovers CC36:1216:421
7Paul AnsellCC Bexley40:2725:577
8Trevor OliverSan Fairy Ann CC Ltd51:27*33:278
* 4 minutes late start
Sunday 6th JuneSouth Eastern Regional 100 mile time trial Fliss Beard Memorial
Pos’nNameClubTimeHcp TimeHcp Posn
1 Ian Pike Lincoln Wheelers CC4:28:55
DNFRichard BaileyRedhill CC
Saturday 5th JuneWorcester St John’s CC 10 mile time trial
1Sid CharltonLincoln Wheelers CC27:48
2Wayne BakerTeam Echelon28:10
3Alan ShuttleworthWeaver Valley CC30:21
4Vic TriggerCrewe Clarion Wheelers30:33
DNSKen Trigger Crewe Clarion Wheelers
 Sunday 30th MayTA North Western Region 50 mile time trial Cancelled due to lack of entries
 Saturday 8th MayTA North Eastern 25 mile time trial Cancelled/ Postponed due to torrential rain and flooding
Sunday 21st AprilSouth Eastern Regional 25 mile time trial Bill Finch Memorial
Pos’nNameClubTimeHcp TimeHcp Posn
1 Ian Pike Lincoln Wheelers CC1:05:241:05:243
2Mark VowellsSan Fairy Ann CC1:07:541:06:244
3 Sid CharltonLincoln Wheelers CC 1:17:540:59:011
4Geoff BookerOxonian CC 1:19:391:09:395
5Richard BaileyRedhill CC1:28:061:11:36
6Lauren PikeLincoln Wheelers CC 1:33:371:00:372
7Terry FearnThanet RC1:49:391:15:097
DNFAdrian HillsEastbourne Rovers CC
 Sunday 11th AprilEastern Region 25 mile time trial Eric Madgett Memorial
Pos’nNameClubTimeHcp TimeHcp Posn
1 Dave Mason Lincoln Wheelers CC1:04:321:02:323
2Ian PikeLincoln Wheelers CC1:06:141:06:144
3 Mark VowellsSan Fairy Ann CC 1:08:551:07:255
4Sid CharltonLincoln Wheelers CC 1:21:07 1:02:072
5James FullerTA (East)1:26:03 0:51:031 
6Lauren PikeLincoln Wheelers CC 1:33:281:20:286
DNSNicholas BoydWest Suffolk Wheelers
DNSWayne MarksTri-Anglia
Saturday 10th April  Midlands VTTA 15 mile time trial
Overall PositionNameClubTimeHcp TimeHcp Posn
61 Geoff Booker Oxonian CC47:23
63Sid CharltonLincoln Whrs CC47:52
65 Michael Jones TA (Midlands)52:44
68Malcolm TimmisBromsgrove Olympique CC1:09:30

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