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23:38: Update from Adrian Hill

As Jane says ” She is in her element”. She loves riding at night. As she pulled awayfrom the last stop, a bunch of road workers shouted “Go on Jane!”. By the Slimbridge turn off we saw John and Maggie Thompson. Then again in Gloucester we had a useful right hand turn marshall and a member or the Gloucester City Road Club showing that we were on the right route. Jane now wants to be seen every 20 miles and stops for less than a minute. Coffee next stop.

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  1. Have a good night Jane!

  2. Steve Poulton // August 5, 2014 at 12:24 am // Reply

    That was me (TA Member & Cheltenham & County CC)making sure Jane took the right (Yes Right) turn down the Bristol Rd and again on to the A417 and finally out of Gloucester to Tewkesbury. Just about on Schedule. I notified Glos City and pleased they saw her round the Docks. Great effort Jane; keep it steady.

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