(Ferg Muir writes….) This last weekend in August marks 50 years since Eric Tremaine (Leicestershire Road Club) broke John Arnold’s 1953 24 hour Tricycle Competition Record.

On the 26th/27th of August 1972, Eric set a new figure of 457.895 miles in the North Road CC & National Championship 24 on roads mainly in Cambridgeshire. Conditions were not easy – the wind seemed to be howling across the finishing circuit from the east and Eric had troubles with his rear light and broken spokes, and was about 40 minutes down on schedule at one time. Right to the end it was touch and go whether John Arnold’s record would be beaten and finally the extra distance was only half a mile.

But Eric’s record has not yet been bettered. It is still Competition Record today. As Eric said in an email to me recently:

“Little did I know then that the record would withstand the test of time, and in 2022 I would still be the custodian”.

You can listen to Eric’s 2021 interview with the RRA here where he discusses his racing career including his 24-hour record in 1972 and his Lands End to John o’Groats record in 1982.

Eric Tremaine speaking at the TA 90th Anniversary Dinner


  1. It often seems that these great rides never come easy. In 1981 Stuart Jackson, myself and Barry Annis rode the Wessex 24hr on trikes for the Farnham RC and we improved the team comp record. The outstanding ride was Stuart’s. He won the event with 456 miles but in the 1st 12 hours had 5 punctures and trouble with his lights. He caught me first at about 9pm but then with lights problems he didn’t catch me again until about 2am but by the time we finished he was 19 miles better than me so I do wonder what mileage Stuart would have achieved. Some of his delays were due to inexperience as this was his 1st 24hr. We had good weather for the event. Barry, our 3rd counter rode on Stuart’s touring trike with sprints fitted and acheived 335 miles. His one and only foray into tricycle racing with possibly the slowest ever ride to take a comp record. I am planning to ride the Mersey next year and I will try to better Barry’s mileage. Edwin Hargraves

  2. I wince at the thought of placing myself anywhere near the company of Eric, Edwin, Stuart and Barry. I never rode a 24, only a 12 and since the club record was held by Les Bowerman, I was never going (at the age of 17) going to get anywhere troubling that. But as far as I know, the Charlotteville CC 50 mile tandem trike record set with Tony Gomis still stands….from about 60 years ago ! What is equally aging is that I still have the tandem trike. No, Edwin, don’t even think about pairing up with me !

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